The Treasure Hunter

A blog by Joanne Yatvin

Welcome to The Treasure Hunter, a blog by Joanne Yatvin

on August 15, 2015

ButterflyJYThe purpose of this blog is to highlight the good things now happening or possible in public education.  Although I will write pieces as often as I can, I welcome contributions from others who are aware of positive happenings in schools  or have good ideas for change.  My hope is that this blog will become the loudest voice in support of our schools, teachers, and students.


3 responses to “Welcome to The Treasure Hunter, a blog by Joanne Yatvin

  1. Frankey Jones says:

    Joanne, this is an excellent idea. I love the fact that no matter what is going on, you find away to see the world through solution colored glasses! Thanks!


  2. joanwink says:

    Hi Joanne, I just saw the repost of your work (If I Were Queen) on Diane Ravitch’s pages. Excellent, as always. I had totally missed that post, but I would love to also repost. However, I’d like to repost directly from your pages. When did you post it? I always love your writing, but somehow I had missed that one. Thanks for all you do!


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