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My Admiration for a Dedicated Supporter of Good Schools and a Critic of Bad Ones

on July 31, 2019

Two days ago I read some new information about the actions of charter schools in Diane Ravitch’s blog and responded to it. I won’t repeat what I wrote then because you can view it at its source. But I will explain why I chose to write about the same topic here today and how deep my feelings are about bad educational practices, plus how respectful I am of those who make us aware of them.

Unfortunately, too many charter school owners and oporators are unrealistic or immoral in the management of their schools. But more unfortunate is their power of to draw in students, abuse them, and destroy their chances for success, while earning big money and public respect.

We have to understand that– despite their claims,–many charter schools were not created to help children who weren’t being well served in public schools, but to get significant amounts of government money they could use without accounting for it. We also need to recognize that more charter school students drop out– or are driven away– than those who go on successfully to college and careers.

I take the trouble to express my personal opinions today because there are still too many charter schools all over the country that persuade parents to send their children to them, but do not serve those children as promised. In addition, there are too few education experts who investigate charters and tell us the truth about them. Because Diane Ravitch has been the most consistent follower and accurate informer about charters, we should recognize her dedication to that cause and honor her.

One response to “My Admiration for a Dedicated Supporter of Good Schools and a Critic of Bad Ones

  1. Frankey Jones says:

    I read Ravitch’s posts about charter schools and testing all the time. I’m glad you appreciate her too. You guys have a lot in common!


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