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Our Dirty Old World May Become Clean And Healthy once Again

on October 6, 2021

When I came into our school this morning I was ready to work hard on the exercises we have ben practicing. But I was very surprised that I now can do difficult movements that I wasn’t able to make earlier. Because our exercising room is now much cooler than it was before all of us have ben able to do our activities much better than we expected.

Since most of us produced much better work than we expected I wondered what gave us all that power. From my opinion a surprising good change is more like a blessing than it can be a mistake. Because cool air has ben staying with us for sum time I thought the sky must be getting ready to give us a good world that would stay with us for the future. So we will all feel ready to do our best work and make our world a much better place than it was before.

All the positive changes I have wanted to see seem to be coming to us quickly and they are good pieces for our country. Our new buildings that were once very tall and shaky are now stronger and lower than they were before. So many of the people who were staying away from them are now going happily inside, but many of them are waring masks to make sure they will not be harmed by othrers that might be unhealthy.

I believe that our world will soon have clean air and strong buildings again. But that cant be done by magic. All of us need to work carefully to do our ability of health and fairness. We must also build a clean world and keep it that way for all the children who will be coming to us healthy and intelligent.

2 responses to “Our Dirty Old World May Become Clean And Healthy once Again

  1. berniemon13 says:

    I like your Ideas and hope the future is better for the children.


  2. shrierd says:

    You are always thoughtful about the children! I agree.


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