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Songs to Sing

From this Vally you say you are leaving. Do not hasten to bid me adue. Just remember the Read River valley. And the sweathart who loved you so true.

I have promised you darling that never Will a word from my lips cause you pain, I will stay by your side dear forever If you only will love me again

Come and sit by arm if you love me , Do not hasten to bid me adue Just remember the Read River value And the sweethart who loves you so true.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, You make me happy when skies are gray. Youl never know dear how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away

The other knight dear when I was sleeping, I dreamt I held you in my arms, When I awoke dear I was mistaken, I just held my head and cried

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray’. You’l never know dear how much I love you. Please don’t take the sunshine away.


Give my regards to Broadway, Remember me to Herald square. . Tell all the boys at forty second street that I will soon be there

Tell them of how I’m yearning to mingle with the old time crowd Just tell them xxxx and I’ll be there here soon


Oh, I ain’t got a barrel of money, Maybe its ragged and funny. But we’ll travel along singing a song , side by side.

Oh we don’t know what’s coming tomorrow. Maybe it’s. trouble and sorrow. But we’ll travel along singing a song, side by side.


On top of old Smokey all covered with snow, I Lost my true lover come a courtin to slow Though courtin is pleasure and parting is grief A false harted lover is worse than a thief.

He’ll hug you and kiss you and But a false harted lover will leave you in your grave. And the grave will decay you and turn you to dust, But a false harted lover will bring you to rust,

So come all you maidens and listen to me, Never leave your affection on a green willow tree. For the tree it will wither and turn into dust But a false harted lover will give you no trust

He’ll hug you and kiss you and bring you to lust, But a false hearted lover will turn you to dust. So come all you maidens and listen to me, Never leave your affections on a green willow tree.

For the tree it will wither and turn into dust Not more than one-man a poor girl can trust

On top of old smokey all covered with snow
I lost my true lover for courting too slow
For courting’s a pleasure and parting’s a grief But a false harted lover is worse than a thief

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Sing Another Song For a Good Day

Today may seem like a hard time for singing because money and good health are scarce these days. Many of us have lost good jobs and our cities look worn out. Families cant afford enough money anymore. So today I thought it might be good for us to sing a song together. It’s one that made me happy long ago. So please sing with me now and we may all feel better soon.


Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high Theres a land that I heard of once in a lullaby Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue And clouds highing over the rainbow Can make all your dreams come true

Today I’ll wish upon a star And wake up when clouds are far behind me Where troubles melt like lemon drops High above our chimney tops That’s where you’ll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow Bluebirds fly Birds fly over the rainbow Why then, oh why can’t I?

I see trees of green and red roses too Watch them bloom for me and you And I think to myself What a wonderful world I see skys of blue and clouds of white Bright blessed days and dark sacred knights And I think to myself What a Wonderfull world The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky Are smiling on the faces of people passing bye I see friends shake hands and say hullow But what they really mean is I love youI hear babies cry, and I see them grow They learn much more than I will ever know And I think to myself what a wonderful world Yess, I think to myself what a wonderful world

Someday I’ll wish upon a star

Wake up where the clouds are far behind us

where trouble melts like lemon drops

High above the chimney tops

That’s where you’ll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds sing

Birds fly over the rainbow

Oh why, oh why can’t I?

I see trees of green and red Roses too

I’ll watch them bloom fore me and you

And I think to myself

What a wonderful world I see skies of blue, Clouds of white The brightness of day, the dark, say goodnight And I think to myself, what a Wonderfull world

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky Are also on the faces of people passing by And I think to myself what a wonderful world Yes, I think it’s a wonderful world


Let’s Vote For a Better World

Since the time for voting comes very soon I think everyone should do ther best to vote intelligently. But I am concerned about our understanding of the voting processes and weather all the results will be be accepted by Donald Trump or us.

Trump’s recent actions have made me recognize how little power we have as citizens while he as our president believes he has the right to do whatever he desires. Our rights and needs seem unimportant to him and his followers. His only interest appears to be having power, and that seems to be supported by many people who have followed him so far.

Right now, our country seems in poor shape with no positive actions or plans moving in. Instead thousands of people have died needlessly over the past seven months, and there seems to be no end to illness or death coming our way. Instead, we should be working hard to improve our health, learning, and ability to become strong and smart leaders in our community.

Because Trump fears that many of us won’t vote for him, he is determined to destroy our ability to mail in our votes in the coming election. According to his opinion the only proper way for voting is making a personal appearance.

Trump’s attempts to stop our voting suggests that he is ready to do whatever will give him four more years as president. But if he succeeds to do that our country may not survive those years.

Personally, I’m not ready to accept his claims or needs as legitament. Instead I hope that all wise Americans will share my feelings and vote wisely at this important time. In addition, I would like to hear any suggestions you have for our positive actions. We need to act strongly and fairly for our benefit and the continuing of our world.


It’s Time to Make The World Good Again

In writing a brief message to you people last week I didn’t explain my strong fears about our needs for the future. But today I want to explain my concerns even if I’m completely wrong. And especially, I would like to hear your opinions because many of you may be wiser about the changes in our country than I am.

When I wrote a brief comment in my recent article a few days ago, I didn’t mention how troubled I’ve was recently because of the dangerous happenings in our country, and our inability to control any of them. Over the past few months we have seen thousands of healthy people overcommed by a powerful and invisible virus. And so far, we have ben unable to persuade most of them to change there dangerous actions. Our only way to protect ourselves so far has been to wear masks over our faces, but unfortunately many of us have refused to use them during the most dangerous times, and have continued there unwillingness to comply.

Right now, I am strongly aware of the events that have severely damaged our country in the past year. And even now many people are still bringing serious problems into our lives. Even though we are heartened by the recent news report claiming that a new vaccine will soon be produced and protect us from the virus, too many people refuse to recognize all the dangerous changes still in our country now.

Even if we are protected from the virus in the future, we must deal with the dangerous events that have recently crept into our lives. For instance, parts of our country are being destroyed by huge fires that have killed many people already and we can do nothing to protect them. How many lives must be lost in order for us to be persuaded that our new dangers may continue for a long time and expand they’re destructions? Why do so many of us believe we are now returning to a safe and comfortable world when there is no such evidence?

Although I have never ben trained in science, I can’t stop believing that our world has changed dangerously in the recent past, and will get worse if we don’t end our foolish behavior and become thoughtful when we chose our actions? Dangerous pollutions are now being released everywhere by workers, industries and automobiles, poisoning our air and heating our climates beyond safety.

I believe we now must work together to restore the safe world we once new. But that will happen only if all of us change our behavior and make sure that our appointed leaders work to preserve our health, safety, and good jobs. They must also protect us from those thoughtless people who just want to make money for themselves without any regard for our safety or the future of our world.



A Message to My Friends

My Dear friends,

Today, I am ready to go outside and walk in the streets for the first time in several months. Although I don’t know if it’s warm enough outside, It looks good from my window. And I think it’s ben far too long for me to stay inside every day. It should be good to go out in the sun today because the ground is not icy anymore. But before I go outside I will wright abought a few of my recent experiences for your information

In our home building things are beginning to turn more pleasent for all of us. Although we must still ware our masks when with our frends, we have ben vaccinated twice, already and now we are considered to be safe. So I hope we will soon get rid of the messy masks we must ware every day and be safe without them. My concerns abought masks are not ther cousts or bad smells, but it is very hard for us to understand what people say when they are waring masks. All we can hope for know is that important words will be written and sent to us for reading and remembering. That would certainly help our memory .

It’s really strange that smart people, like me, often forget they’re abilities. And my biggest problems are words I need to speak. When I go shopping I often can’t name the foods or clothing I want to buy. But fortunately I can point them out. Only when I’m alone writing do I remember all the words I need to say, even if I can’t spell them correctly. Actually writing is easier for me than speaking because we then have time to relax and think while no one is watching us.

The worst problem in my apartment is not having enough help from others. Once a week It is cleaned by a pleasant. women, but the rest of the time it’s my job, and I am pretty good at washing my closes, cleaning up any dirt, and putting things away. I also feed my cat every day and clean his place whenever that is needed. My only problem now is that he prefers to sleep in my bed at night rather than in the box I bought for him long ago. And he tends to cuddle me too closely. But at least he doesn’t try to bight me anymore like he did before for no reason .

All of what I’ve discribed today is true. But I wanted to give you a taste of my new world. In many ways it is kind and helpful, but it isn’t an easy place to be wen parts of my body and mind are not working as well as they did before.

P.S Please forgive any misspelled words. I don’t know correct spelling anymore


A Letter To All My Friends

Dear friends I haven’t written to you for a long time, and you might have thought I was too busy working everyday or no longer able to write. But neither of those things were true. I have thought about writing to you all many times, but unfortunately I haven’t been writing well enough recently. For sometime I have had trouble writing words correctly or repeating them too many times. But recently I have been able to write some short pieces that I consider understandable and important to send tool you people. So I decided to wait for a time when I felt I could write correctly.

Because of my changes that I can’t explain, I think I have become able to write well at leas ounce more time. So I won’t stop writing unless I am unable to continue. Recently I have remembered most of my recent experiences. My most important changes were good health and fisical ability. And on good days I’m strong enough to write correctly, hear people speak, and talk understandably. But sometimes I forget the names of the foods I like to eat or the people I know by sight, and those experiences are very embarrassing.

In April this year I will become ninety years old, and fortunately I still hear most words that are spoken near me. But the machine in our auditorium is poor and very difficult for me or anyone else to understand words. I also have trouble understanding the words people speak when they are waring masks. But I remember the words of songs I once loved to sing when I was young and I still enjoy doing that. In adition I go to the exercise classes here regularly. And when the outside weather is also warm I walk there carrying a cane in order to avoid falling. At lunch times I enjoy eating the foods offered in our building’s dining room. But unfortunately some spicy foods that are offered frequently do not sit well in my stomach. So now I try to avoid them altogether.

Today I want you all to know that I have found good friends and interesting activities here in Pennsylvania. My apartment is comfortable and has pleasant views of the outside. And I clean it up when necessary. There is also a weekly worker who cleans up my apartment very well. In addition a small cat has been living with me for some time. He behaves very well, makes no dirt, and eat’s without creating a mess. He also likes to sleep in my bed with me at night rather than in a small box I bought for him long ago. He docent make any trouble for me as long as I scratch his back every evening, and fead him regularly. But unfortunately I can’t take him anywhere outside my apartment because there it is too dangerous for him. So his greatest pleasures are to climb up to a window in my apartment and look outside. Then he never complains or makes any dirt. I have enjoyed his friendship for more than ten years and I hope it will continue.

Because it will soon be a new year I’m afraid that my ability to write may drift away. For that reason I will check twice what I’ve written here and try to clean up any of my mistakes. In the future, I hope to be able to write to all of you more than once, and that many of you will also write to me. I am still fiscally healthy and interested in keeping contact with all my friends for as long as posable. And of course I hope that all of you will remain healthy, remember me, and keep writing. Maybe we will even get together again. Whodunit that be Wonderfull?

Joanne Yatvin



The History Of American Reading

Dear readers, I have decided to repost this article every three years in order to help people who haven’t seen it before, especially children who are learning to read with their parents help. My strong belief is that reading is really easy to learn and should easily be taught to young children. I don’t want them to suffer with difficult or anger, only to enjoy and be pleased by the gift of being the ability to read.

Today, English readers understand how writing began in the world, changed over time, and now works easily for those who have learned to ignore the letters of written words, and instead remember the pictures of words. Even though what I’ve just sed may sound ridicules it is the only way we can read English words without going crazy.

Although phonics promoters encourage children to use letters to learn words, ther process doss not represents our speech or make sense to young American readers. So In order to explain the development of written English from the beginning of time to our present lives, and how we are able to understand it, I will do my best to describe worldwide events that created written words and then turned them into our way to read as accurately and simply as I can.

According to world history as reported by scientists, ancient human beings began to communicate with each other by making oral sounds, or carving stone shapes that represented people, animals, or events. Over time however, peoples abilities increased, and they were soon able to change ther human grunts or howls, into distinct sounds that we now call “words”.

Over hundreds of years many new words were created and then understood by people who lived in the same parts of the world,. but did not spread to other countries,. But words still continued to grow and change their forms. People moved from place to place, and the words changed again. As a result, thousands of words and their spellings became unreadable to people living in the same places. But at the same time the most popular words were carried into largest countries. As a result those words and there spellings were remembered by people who lived in large areas, and many of them still exist in our country today. But, those words may also make big problems for young American children because they show letters together that don’t make the same sounds of young readers speech. .

Fortunately however, many young learners are saved by the fact that ther teachers have found an easier way to teach reading. Instead of insisting that all written words must be sounded out to be understood, teachers now focus there students attention to the appearance of new words, and then show them in combinations until the students can recognize and name them easily . Sooner than you might expect, normally developing children become readers. Although ther processes may sound complicated, healthy children learn to read easily, and with pleasure .

Our ability to understand written messages without sounding them out grows from our visual skill to recognize a variety of objects and respond to them appropriately. For instance, even very young children recognize their parents among a group of people, choose the foods they like best from a mixed food platter, pull there favorite toys out of a full basket, and even point out which house on the street is theirs and then run right to it.

Like it or not, many of today’s written words no longer represent their speech sounds. Although children have been urged to “sound out” words for centuries, they don’t need to do that anymore. All of today’s successful readers, young or old, are better able to recognize words by sight than by sounding them out. If you don’t believe me, below are some ordinary words for you to pronounce as if you’re an inexperienced student rather than a capable adult reader.

“where“plough” “character” “knight“gnome” “knew” “weather” ” Quite”

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My Experience Learning to Read

Many years ago, as a public school teacher I got involved with a group of people who called themselves “scientists”. They believed they knew the best ways to teach children reading and please there parents. There teaching methods were to sound out letters so they could be recognized as words. They also tryed to persuade parents that learning to read was difficult, so it shoud be taught to children “scientifically”. But I found that trying to turn letter sounds into words was very difficult for me, and often didn’t work for anyone else. I certainly can’t call that “science”!

When I started my career as a teacher, everything I did was different from what the scientists chose to do. I began teaching children by reading aloud the stories in our new books, and told them to look and listen to words as I red them. I also continued to read stories my students enjoyed, and soon many of them were able to recognize their words. They also began to examine some of the new books I had brought in, because they looked interesting. And many of them took no time to start reading.

Eventually, most of my students learned to read well and were enjoying books. All they had to do was to remember the word pictures they had seen before, and figure out the meanings of new words. I also noticed that many of the children reading easily were also writing down words because they wanted to remember them. For almost all of them reading had become a skill they used and enjoyed.

Although many people today still think that learning to read is difficult, I have rarely seen problems in my classroom. By the end of their school year most students have found reading easy and desirable. And the few who were still learning, listened to me read easier stories and looked at what I read. In addition many of my students became able to write good short stories, even though their spelling was not always correct. For most children, reading is just recognizing written words they have seen before. And learning to read new words is not difficult when the ones you already know give you clues for new ones. Instead of making sounds to learn words, children shud remember the names of words they’ve already seen. But teachers and parents will still be needed when new words appear. Children may be able to sound them out, but they might also need to be told their meanings. So teachers and parents shod be ready to explain new words to their children, or instead just show them their pictures.



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