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Here Are Our New Jobs

Yesterday. morning I met our new leaders on television, and they sounded very good. Because the past year has ben so full of lies and danger from Trump, it has ben hard for me, and many others, to trust and believe him or his followers. But I think we will be able to trust our new democratic leaders.

Yesterday I was very impressed to see and hear our new president. Although I hadn’t seen much of him previously, he looked good and sounded very strong. I am eager to see his good work in the future and all of us supporting him in the future .

Thank goodness we’ve heard nothing from Trump or his followers recently. But in the future I will try to follow all his words and actions because of past errors. Also, I hope that all our newspapers will keep us well informed about any of Trump’s action, good or bad. And in addition it is very important for our leaders to bee aware of him also. We need to be kept informed of conditions in all our countries, so we can do our best to solve all problems and support good people.

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It’s time to Speak up for What is Wright

As I read about Trump today, the man who is working hard to destroy our country, I don’t know whether to scream or just cry quietly. If I were still young and a respected teacher, I would try to wright in a newspaper–as I once was able to do–but now I ask all of you who read about the actions of that man to raise your voices and tell everyone else what you think is right. Although you may not agree with me about who should be our president, please remind Trump that he was not elected, and he should withdraw his claims. Although there may be a time in the future for him to be powerful again, it is not now. He should understand that and be silent. But it looks like he prefers to destroy our country if he can’t grab it today.


Our Country Must Always Be Strong And Wise

It’s good that everyone in our country has different needs, beliefs, and the right to seek changes in our leaders. But ultimately only one president can be chosen at a time, and hopefully he or she will serve us all well.

Leaders in any good country work hard to meat the needs of there people. But what often happens is that voters have different views of what there country needs, and who is best to provide it. So there votes are always different too.

Although our country had bad years with civil warsin the past, we have managed to endure them. And soon afterward our country was able to become healthy and strong again. As good citizens, what we should do every time we vote is to carefully choose the people we think are the best leaders for our country rather than the ones who seek only wealth and power.

Every four years we have the opportunity to vote and do our best to make a good choice. But even if the vote numbers go wrong for us, we still have the power to do much better the next time. Although our country has sometimes ended up with poor leaders, we have always survived and chosen someone who was better the next time. So we all must try to be intelligent, wise, and caring when it comes time to vote. Remember that most of us will still be alive and inteligent for more than the next five years and thus be able to vote again, and again for the benefit of our country.

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