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My Recent Life As Well As I Can Explain it

When I was just a young girl my family moved from their old home to the city of New Jersey. I was very happy to be there because my family believed that the school was the right place for me to learn. They were very proud to give me a good education. My parents just rented a new building where there are two large bedrooms for my parents and one more for me and my sister Helen. Fortunately, it was large enough for both of us. We got new bouncy beds and tables big enough for the toys that our father made fore us recently.

As we moved into our new city I was old enough to chose a good school near our home. Outside it there was a big playground that was a good place for us to exercise when our schoolwork was done for the day. So I very soon began to play games with new girls I met who were about the same age and size I had. And when I fell down the girls would pick me up and brush the dirt off my cloths.

When I entered our new school I met more young girls who became friendly with me for a long time. When we played big hard games I sometimes fell on the ground, but they helped me to get up and I finally became an adult. Then I was able to have better health, intelligence, and physical attractiveness. I also managed to stop falling on the ground completely, and most of my scars finally melted away. So I became a good young woman with a sweet face, a healthy body, and the ability to teach young children. At there school they worked hard and performed very well for a long time on a school stage.

As I grew older I moved back to my family’s home. But shortly after that I met a man who became my husband and we had several children. Later we moved to Europe where my husband began working as a scientist for many different animals. He was very successful in various countries where we chose to stay. However, after several years living and working together my husband died unexpectedly. So I moved back to the United States and continued to work as a teacher in American schools. I began as a first grade teacher and finished as a school principal for two large schools. At that time I was a praised teacher because of my work, ethics, and my desire to teach students in the best ways I thought possible. When I grew older, I turned to writing about how children and their teachers should be treated in all American schools.

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