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How Can We Save Our Country?

A week ago my son surprised me by saying that I am eighty nine years old when I thought I was only eighty. Afterward I had mixed feelings because I still see myself as healthy and smart for my age, but also confused sometimes when I try to handle numbers, spelling, or time. I mention those realities now for two reasons. Although I see our world as ugly now, I want it to become safe, powerful, and lovely again before it is my time to leave it.

In the recent past we have depended upon our hospitals to save us if we were caught by the virus, and then make us healthy again. And our scientists have been working hard to find medicine that will cure anyone who has ben attacked by it. But unfortunately, not all hospitals have ben able to take care of large numbers of sick people when they were needed. So as a result many of them have died while waiting to be assisted. When we think abought the future it doesn’t seem workable. We don’t yet have a successful medication to protect everyone from the virus or enough hospitals to save those already attacked. My question is where do we go from here to save our country?

When I see the numbers of human deaths that have occurred so far I think that the only way we can save the rest of us is to push the virus out of our country completely and never allow it to return. Although that wouldn’t be easy, I think it is the only hope for saving our country.

Right now I see our need for independent communities in large states and small ones were people are willing to enforce good health and safe behavior. And in addition, we need cities that will enforce laws for safe public behavior. For instance, all schools should test students health regularly before allowing them to enter, and local business should do the same for their employees. In addition, anyone traveling in a large public area or working in big business should wear masks regularly.

Although I know that everything I’ve suggested would be difficult to enforce and maintain, everyone who cares about saving our country–and themselves– must move away from personal interests long enough to clean up their community and then make it safe and beautiful to restore healthy living, which has widely disappeared. Now is our last chance to save our country.

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Our World Today is Still Undecided

Dear readers,

I have been waiting for a clear decision about who will be our country’s leader for the next four years. But since that is still not decided I am posting my current views and hopes for the future.

When I first heard about Trump’s illness I began to think we were moving close to the end of our hard times with his bad behavior. I thought that the virus would destroy him as it had done to thousands of other young, old, and healthy people. At the very least, I thought the experience would bring him some insight and humility. It seemed to me that God always shows us that even our most powerful people cannot avoid the pandemic and it’s worst results.

Please understand that I am not trying to insult or destroy Trump. I am only reminding you that many of the most powerful, intelligent, wealthy, and religious people in our county have died unexpectedly with others and for no good reasons. Trump has chosen to live dangerously, in the hope that he will be able to continue his flouting of norms and dividing our country. But there is not yet any certainty of what will be the end of his performances or the decision of this year’s voters.

Now, as we watch Trump’s extreme efforts to undermine our democracy, we can only watch quietly and hope that God and you people decide wisely for him and us.

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Let’s Vote For a Better World

Since the time for voting comes very soon I think everyone should do ther best to vote intelligently. But I am concerned about our understanding of the voting processes and weather all the results will be be accepted by Donald Trump or us.

Trump’s recent actions have made me recognize how little power we have as citizens while he as our president believes he has the right to do whatever he desires. Our rights and needs seem unimportant to him and his followers. His only interest appears to be having power, and that seems to be supported by many people who have followed him so far.

Right now, our country seems in poor shape with no positive actions or plans moving in. Instead thousands of people have died needlessly over the past seven months, and there seems to be no end to illness or death coming our way. Instead, we should be working hard to improve our health, learning, and ability to become strong and smart leaders in our community.

Because Trump fears that many of us won’t vote for him, he is determined to destroy our ability to mail in our votes in the coming election. According to his opinion the only proper way for voting is making a personal appearance.

Trump’s attempts to stop our voting suggests that he is ready to do whatever will give him four more years as president. But if he succeeds to do that our country may not survive those years.

Personally, I’m not ready to accept his claims or needs as legitament. Instead I hope that all wise Americans will share my feelings and vote wisely at this important time. In addition, I would like to hear any suggestions you have for our positive actions. We need to act strongly and fairly for our benefit and the continuing of our world.


It’s Time to Jump into Danger and Trouth

Several days ago I wrote that I would like to see the world grow good again, but it hasn’t moved an inch in that direction. Although I see many people who have become mask users– and so am I–too many of them haven’t bothered to become responsible people who could have saved this country earlier. Unfortunately, our world is still a mess and shows no evidence of changing into strength, truth and positive action.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of the idiots who have taken step after step in destroying our country. My errors have ben not standing up strongly against Trump, or urging our governors and scientists to stand tall and tell the world how wrong trump is. But now I will do my best to be strong and speak.

All I can promos is that I will do my best to avoid foolishness and fear, and speak loudly when I see deliberate evil. If I am wrong I will apologize to everyone I’ve insulted. And I will work hard to encourage all good people who deserve better lives than they have now to stand up with me when I am right, or let me know when I am wrong.

Although I may sound harsh and dangerous now, my only intention is to encourage you to move into a group with me in order to save our country and our lives.

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It’s Time to Make The World Good Again

In writing a brief message to you people last week I didn’t explain my strong fears about our needs for the future. But today I want to explain my concerns even if I’m completely wrong. And especially, I would like to hear your opinions because many of you may be wiser about the changes in our country than I am.

When I wrote a brief comment in my recent article a few days ago, I didn’t mention how troubled I’ve was recently because of the dangerous happenings in our country, and our inability to control any of them. Over the past few months we have seen thousands of healthy people overcommed by a powerful and invisible virus. And so far, we have ben unable to persuade most of them to change there dangerous actions. Our only way to protect ourselves so far has been to wear masks over our faces, but unfortunately many of us have refused to use them during the most dangerous times, and have continued there unwillingness to comply.

Right now, I am strongly aware of the events that have severely damaged our country in the past year. And even now many people are still bringing serious problems into our lives. Even though we are heartened by the recent news report claiming that a new vaccine will soon be produced and protect us from the virus, too many people refuse to recognize all the dangerous changes still in our country now.

Even if we are protected from the virus in the future, we must deal with the dangerous events that have recently crept into our lives. For instance, parts of our country are being destroyed by huge fires that have killed many people already and we can do nothing to protect them. How many lives must be lost in order for us to be persuaded that our new dangers may continue for a long time and expand they’re destructions? Why do so many of us believe we are now returning to a safe and comfortable world when there is no such evidence?

Although I have never ben trained in science, I can’t stop believing that our world has changed dangerously in the recent past, and will get worse if we don’t end our foolish behavior and become thoughtful when we chose our actions? Dangerous pollutions are now being released everywhere by workers, industries and automobiles, poisoning our air and heating our climates beyond safety.

I believe we now must work together to restore the safe world we once new. But that will happen only if all of us change our behavior and make sure that our appointed leaders work to preserve our health, safety, and good jobs. They must also protect us from those thoughtless people who just want to make money for themselves without any regard for our safety or the future of our world.



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