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Hello Again From Joanne

Unfortunately it was a long time before I was able to see my good friends again. But now I am able to write about them. I hope that all of you will be able to know what has happened because I tried to make my computer produce everything correctly so all my readers can read them. If any of my words have ben written wrong please remember that I am very old now and once I was a good writer.

Today I feel very proud to tell you that I can doo exercises regularly with a group of good women. But most of the other men around us do not do any exercises in the morning. Apparently they prefer to rest in the morning and do there work later.

t our men won’t come outside for in the morning. They prefer the afternoon and do there exercises at that time. Many of them like to play their games and other activities longer in the daytime.

When an afternoon begins there may also be aparties in our building, and that brings many people together. Every one who likes being with there friends also enjoys good food.

Right now I have nothing more to tell you about our exciting activities. But I will write to you again if we decide that we should also be good workers

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Our Dirty Old World May Become Clean And Healthy once Again

When I came into our school this morning I was ready to work hard on the exercises we have ben practicing. But I was very surprised that I now can do difficult movements that I wasn’t able to make earlier. Because our exercising room is now much cooler than it was before all of us have ben able to do our activities much better than we expected.

Since most of us produced much better work than we expected I wondered what gave us all that power. From my opinion a surprising good change is more like a blessing than it can be a mistake. Because cool air has ben staying with us for sum time I thought the sky must be getting ready to give us a good world that would stay with us for the future. So we will all feel ready to do our best work and make our world a much better place than it was before.

All the positive changes I have wanted to see seem to be coming to us quickly and they are good pieces for our country. Our new buildings that were once very tall and shaky are now stronger and lower than they were before. So many of the people who were staying away from them are now going happily inside, but many of them are waring masks to make sure they will not be harmed by othrers that might be unhealthy.

I believe that our world will soon have clean air and strong buildings again. But that cant be done by magic. All of us need to work carefully to do our ability of health and fairness. We must also build a clean world and keep it that way for all the children who will be coming to us healthy and intelligent.


My Recent Life As Well As I Can Explain it

When I was just a young girl my family moved from their old home to the city of New Jersey. I was very happy to be there because my family believed that the school was the right place for me to learn. They were very proud to give me a good education. My parents just rented a new building where there are two large bedrooms for my parents and one more for me and my sister Helen. Fortunately, it was large enough for both of us. We got new bouncy beds and tables big enough for the toys that our father made fore us recently.

As we moved into our new city I was old enough to chose a good school near our home. Outside it there was a big playground that was a good place for us to exercise when our schoolwork was done for the day. So I very soon began to play games with new girls I met who were about the same age and size I had. And when I fell down the girls would pick me up and brush the dirt off my cloths.

When I entered our new school I met more young girls who became friendly with me for a long time. When we played big hard games I sometimes fell on the ground, but they helped me to get up and I finally became an adult. Then I was able to have better health, intelligence, and physical attractiveness. I also managed to stop falling on the ground completely, and most of my scars finally melted away. So I became a good young woman with a sweet face, a healthy body, and the ability to teach young children. At there school they worked hard and performed very well for a long time on a school stage.

As I grew older I moved back to my family’s home. But shortly after that I met a man who became my husband and we had several children. Later we moved to Europe where my husband began working as a scientist for many different animals. He was very successful in various countries where we chose to stay. However, after several years living and working together my husband died unexpectedly. So I moved back to the United States and continued to work as a teacher in American schools. I began as a first grade teacher and finished as a school principal for two large schools. At that time I was a praised teacher because of my work, ethics, and my desire to teach students in the best ways I thought possible. When I grew older, I turned to writing about how children and their teachers should be treated in all American schools.

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We All Need Good Health and Happiness

Just yesterday I decided to tell all my listeners about the good changes that have come recently into the place hear called the “Water Mark”. For several years many of us have ben living alone and doing nothing important to live stronger and have a good life. What most of us like to do is to sit in our apartments sleeping or watching television. But now everyone seems to be feeling more hopeful about the future, and desiring strong positive changes in our community.

For instance the mangers of our building have decided that now is the time for them to create good activities for all our helthy residents hoping that they will improve there personal abilities and interests enough to feel strong and eager to live in the future. But some of them are still using there time to eat meels, roam around our building, or just stay inside their apartments because they feel that the available activities are not good enough for them to join. In addition many of those who’re or just stay inside. For example the managers of our building have decided that know is the time for them to create good activities for all our healthy residents, hoping that , hoping that they will improve their personal abilities and interests enough toffee strong and eager to live for the future. But some of them are still using most of there time to eat meals, roam around our building, or just stay inside there apartments because they feel that the available activities are not good enough for them to join. In adtition many of those who are already growing old with poor health do not believe they will have a good place to live anymore. So they spend all their time eating, sleeping, talking or just watching movies in the building’s auditorium.

But whether there is something interesting going on in our building it is likely to be a game with prizes, a big food party, or a god movie. And recently a few new activities have become available to everyone interested in improving their health, And some new helth specialists have come into our bilding regularly to teach beginners hoot move their bodies safely, walk without falling, and now they no longer need cane for walking.

Because planting flowers outside our building or dancing in our auditorium might become regular experience, specialists have ben chosen from other places to come to our bilding every weekend and help our people to improve there ability to walk safely or use a cane to help them.

I know our leaders are working strongly to bring good health and longer lives to everyone, and have helped a lot because now many of the people who were sitting alone in there apartments regularly have decided to join activities that are difficult but much better for increasing their health. All I can say is that everyone deserves good activities that will help them to live longer and stronger than they were before. Certainly everyone here should ave the opportunity to try activities that might move them too live longer and stronger than they expect, were before. Certainly, everyone here should have the opportunity to try activities that may move them to live longer and stronger than they expected, and also to enjoy all the time available here in the Water Mark building


Our Good Old World Has Risen Once Again

In my own mind I now can see a large new world around us filled with large clouds, shining snow, and human poverty all around it. Today our largest dream is to be able to bild a beautiful country once again and encourage everyone who is able to join us with well trained jobs and encourage many more of them to join us for good work together.

Early In the beginning of our efforts to increase our working power we must be willing to work strongly and bring many others who will join us and produce eventually more of the good work we have decided to produce much more find products to encourage more of our young workers who are still impoverished and without special training we must allow them to join our trained learners and move over our country into a strong world that has just existed beautifully in our old good times. And after that we will be able to create a brand new good world to make everyone healthy, happy and very powerful once again.

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