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A Message to My Friends

My Dear friends,

Today, I am ready to go outside and walk in the streets for the first time in several months. Although I don’t know if it’s warm enough outside, It looks good from my window. And I think it’s ben far too long for me to stay inside every day. It should be good to go out in the sun today because the ground is not icy anymore. But before I go outside I will wright abought a few of my recent experiences for your information

In our home building things are beginning to turn more pleasent for all of us. Although we must still ware our masks when with our frends, we have ben vaccinated twice, already and now we are considered to be safe. So I hope we will soon get rid of the messy masks we must ware every day and be safe without them. My concerns abought masks are not ther cousts or bad smells, but it is very hard for us to understand what people say when they are waring masks. All we can hope for know is that important words will be written and sent to us for reading and remembering. That would certainly help our memory .

It’s really strange that smart people, like me, often forget they’re abilities. And my biggest problems are words I need to speak. When I go shopping I often can’t name the foods or clothing I want to buy. But fortunately I can point them out. Only when I’m alone writing do I remember all the words I need to say, even if I can’t spell them correctly. Actually writing is easier for me than speaking because we then have time to relax and think while no one is watching us.

The worst problem in my apartment is not having enough help from others. Once a week It is cleaned by a pleasant. women, but the rest of the time it’s my job, and I am pretty good at washing my closes, cleaning up any dirt, and putting things away. I also feed my cat every day and clean his place whenever that is needed. My only problem now is that he prefers to sleep in my bed at night rather than in the box I bought for him long ago. And he tends to cuddle me too closely. But at least he doesn’t try to bight me anymore like he did before for no reason .

All of what I’ve discribed today is true. But I wanted to give you a taste of my new world. In many ways it is kind and helpful, but it isn’t an easy place to be wen parts of my body and mind are not working as well as they did before.

P.S Please forgive any misspelled words. I don’t know correct spelling anymore


A Letter To All My Friends

Dear friends I haven’t written to you for a long time, and you might have thought I was too busy working everyday or no longer able to write. But neither of those things were true. I have thought about writing to you all many times, but unfortunately I haven’t been writing well enough recently. For sometime I have had trouble writing words correctly or repeating them too many times. But recently I have been able to write some short pieces that I consider understandable and important to send tool you people. So I decided to wait for a time when I felt I could write correctly.

Because of my changes that I can’t explain, I think I have become able to write well at leas ounce more time. So I won’t stop writing unless I am unable to continue. Recently I have remembered most of my recent experiences. My most important changes were good health and fisical ability. And on good days I’m strong enough to write correctly, hear people speak, and talk understandably. But sometimes I forget the names of the foods I like to eat or the people I know by sight, and those experiences are very embarrassing.

In April this year I will become ninety years old, and fortunately I still hear most words that are spoken near me. But the machine in our auditorium is poor and very difficult for me or anyone else to understand words. I also have trouble understanding the words people speak when they are waring masks. But I remember the words of songs I once loved to sing when I was young and I still enjoy doing that. In adition I go to the exercise classes here regularly. And when the outside weather is also warm I walk there carrying a cane in order to avoid falling. At lunch times I enjoy eating the foods offered in our building’s dining room. But unfortunately some spicy foods that are offered frequently do not sit well in my stomach. So now I try to avoid them altogether.

Today I want you all to know that I have found good friends and interesting activities here in Pennsylvania. My apartment is comfortable and has pleasant views of the outside. And I clean it up when necessary. There is also a weekly worker who cleans up my apartment very well. In addition a small cat has been living with me for some time. He behaves very well, makes no dirt, and eat’s without creating a mess. He also likes to sleep in my bed with me at night rather than in a small box I bought for him long ago. He docent make any trouble for me as long as I scratch his back every evening, and fead him regularly. But unfortunately I can’t take him anywhere outside my apartment because there it is too dangerous for him. So his greatest pleasures are to climb up to a window in my apartment and look outside. Then he never complains or makes any dirt. I have enjoyed his friendship for more than ten years and I hope it will continue.

Because it will soon be a new year I’m afraid that my ability to write may drift away. For that reason I will check twice what I’ve written here and try to clean up any of my mistakes. In the future, I hope to be able to write to all of you more than once, and that many of you will also write to me. I am still fiscally healthy and interested in keeping contact with all my friends for as long as posable. And of course I hope that all of you will remain healthy, remember me, and keep writing. Maybe we will even get together again. Whodunit that be Wonderfull?

Joanne Yatvin



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