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A Message to My Friends

on March 27, 2021

My Dear friends,

Today, I am ready to go outside and walk in the streets for the first time in several months. Although I don’t know if it’s warm enough outside, It looks good from my window. And I think it’s ben far too long for me to stay inside every day. It should be good to go out in the sun today because the ground is not icy anymore. But before I go outside I will wright abought a few of my recent experiences for your information

In our home building things are beginning to turn more pleasent for all of us. Although we must still ware our masks when with our frends, we have ben vaccinated twice, already and now we are considered to be safe. So I hope we will soon get rid of the messy masks we must ware every day and be safe without them. My concerns abought masks are not ther cousts or bad smells, but it is very hard for us to understand what people say when they are waring masks. All we can hope for know is that important words will be written and sent to us for reading and remembering. That would certainly help our memory .

It’s really strange that smart people, like me, often forget they’re abilities. And my biggest problems are words I need to speak. When I go shopping I often can’t name the foods or clothing I want to buy. But fortunately I can point them out. Only when I’m alone writing do I remember all the words I need to say, even if I can’t spell them correctly. Actually writing is easier for me than speaking because we then have time to relax and think while no one is watching us.

The worst problem in my apartment is not having enough help from others. Once a week It is cleaned by a pleasant. women, but the rest of the time it’s my job, and I am pretty good at washing my closes, cleaning up any dirt, and putting things away. I also feed my cat every day and clean his place whenever that is needed. My only problem now is that he prefers to sleep in my bed at night rather than in the box I bought for him long ago. And he tends to cuddle me too closely. But at least he doesn’t try to bight me anymore like he did before for no reason .

All of what I’ve discribed today is true. But I wanted to give you a taste of my new world. In many ways it is kind and helpful, but it isn’t an easy place to be wen parts of my body and mind are not working as well as they did before.

P.S Please forgive any misspelled words. I don’t know correct spelling anymore

5 responses to “A Message to My Friends

  1. Yvonne says:

    Really enjoyed reading your post today, Joanne.

    You are doing well … hooray!

    Love reading your blog,


  2. Laurie Stehle says:

    Hello Joanne,
    Great to hear from you! So glad you’ve had both vaccinations and are ready to return to the life we had before. It will be a relief when we don’t have to wear masks. Hope you’ve been able to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Spring is in the air here in Wisconsin!
    My best to you,
    Laurie Stehle


  3. Steve Buel says:

    Joanne, glad to see you are heading outside some. A nice walk will make everything somewhat better. Bless you. Steve


  4. berniemon13 says:

    Very honest and touching essay. You definitely express your feelings well. Dont worry about the spelling.


  5. Jane says:

    Joanne, I am also very happy to be able to go outside and not worry about ice. It was almost 70 degrees here today and beautiful outside. It’s supposed to be very windy tomorrow so I will probably stay inside. Enjoy the wonderful weather!


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