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My Apology

Dear Friends,

I want to apologize for my negative comments on the piece we all read and discussed. What started me off was the difficult form of the story we were given to read. Unfortunately, most of the pages were not marked with numbers and I got lost in all the pieces of writing we received I wound up trying to read the story and it confused me badly because of it’s mixed up pages. Ultimately I just disliked the whole story. But now I admit that there were many good qualities in the piece we read, but I just jumped at the parts that didn’t make me happy. I realize now that I was strongly affected by my difficulty in reading the story. I’m sure I would have ben much more positive if I hadn’t been bothered by pages that did not come to me clearly.

Joanne Yatvin

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A knew Letter To My Good Friends

Here I am again frends with a difficult spelling of words. But I am ready to do my best once more. Just a few weeks ago I red your recent responses to me, and they were so sweet that I decided to write again now even though writing correctly is still difficult for me. So this time I will try to explain some of my problems and how I try to deal with them.

For about three years I have ben living in a large and handsome building that is very well managed and contains a hundred or more men and women of different ages, backgrounds, and interests. When it comes to time for our evening dinner several people-mostly men-chose to eat alone in there private apartments. But for the most part large numbers of men and women choose to dine with friends in our large dining room. Even then however people have different choices. Some eat dinner their regularly but don’t seem to notes anyone else. They just want to eat there food and then leave the room. On the other hand many women–not men– are eager to eat with different people every day. I think they want to become friendly with fokes they haven’t met yet in there classrooms.

When it comes to breakfast all of us eat inside our rooms every morning. After that I go downstairs in an elevator, with my cart because I need important items with me. Actually, they are just pieces of paper and a pencil that I will use later. I will write all the important things I need to remember because my memory doesn’t last very long. So I try to carry everything I need everyday, and also get to the right time for dinner in the evening. There I always want to eat with my friends. Here recently eating times have ben changed, and I have trouble remembering when to go down at the wright time.

Strangely, my best memories are the songs I learned to sing long ago and the foods I always liked to eat. But I cant remember easily the names of all my friends. Even though I try to write down names and everything else that is important to me, I often forget to look at what I have written down. In addition I am not a good speller anymore, so I have to check all the words I’ve written before I mail any of my letters. And sometimes I also forget how to speak ordinary words. For example, I may not remember to ask for “milk” when I order tee after dinner .

Although all the things Ive mentioned today may have suggested that I lost most of my abilities, I wrote this message to you today without help from anyone else. When I misspelled some words that I wrote, I did recognize them afterward and tried to correct them before sending you this paper. Altho many of the abilities I used easily in the past are now more difficult for me, that is actually normal for most people of my age. Just later this week I will be celebrating my ninty year birthday, and I will still be able to exercise with young women every morning. ( Men don’t usually get up early around here) So I am pleased that I still remember your faces and voices as I did before. In addition I wrote this letter to you without help from anyone else except the owners of this company who regularly put red lines under any words they think are written incorrectly. Although I appreciate there help when I need it, I also think that some of them are too critical of smart people like me.


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