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Our Good Old World Has Risen Once Again

on June 17, 2021

In my own mind I now can see a large new world around us filled with large clouds, shining snow, and human poverty all around it. Today our largest dream is to be able to bild a beautiful country once again and encourage everyone who is able to join us with well trained jobs and encourage many more of them to join us for good work together.

Early In the beginning of our efforts to increase our working power we must be willing to work strongly and bring many others who will join us and produce eventually more of the good work we have decided to produce much more find products to encourage more of our young workers who are still impoverished and without special training we must allow them to join our trained learners and move over our country into a strong world that has just existed beautifully in our old good times. And after that we will be able to create a brand new good world to make everyone healthy, happy and very powerful once again.

One response to “Our Good Old World Has Risen Once Again

  1. berniemon13 says:

    Good thoughts


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