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Our Holiday and My Concerns

on November 27, 2020

Yesterday, like many other people I stayed safe at home with nothing to do but watch television, take a nap, and have my thoughts. But today Ive chosen to wright about the last one because I strongly wanted to celebrate yesterday and wasn’t able to do that. So instead Ive decided to write to my friends who were also at home and unhappy about staying there all day. Not being able to be with our families or friends on that important holiday was a big disappointment.

Fortunately, many other people stayed at home yesterday because they were not the idiots who might cause death or illness too many other people. But they payed a large price by choosing not to enjoy the holiday which is still a big event in our country. And I felt we were all being punished, while many fools were enjoying parties with ther families and not waring masks. Although nobody was fined by the police, or regretted their misbehavior , many of them may soon be suffering with the virus and seeking hospitals that are already overcrowded. And unfortunately, doctors and nurses did not get the day off that they deserved.

In addition, I’m angry because so many people have never thought about the danger of diseases, ore there ability to spread them on to others. And it was Donald Trump who encouraged them to do wrong things to themselves. But I still find it hard to believe that all those people are stupid. I guess they’ve never looked at the numbers of deaths listed every day in newspapers and television. Apparently, many people do not consider health important to them or anyone else. Only pleasure and freedom appears to matter today.

At this point I’m still shocked by the number of people who have died recently, even though I knew non of them. I wanted the numbers to go down to zero. Still now I hope everyone reading this will try to persuade they’re friends who may be confused or careless about their health. We should all try to convince them to use face masks outside and stay out of any dangerous places. What I want is a good world for everyone who is still here and healthy.

2 responses to “Our Holiday and My Concerns

  1. Anne Kolibaba Larkin says:

    Joanne, you are so right. We all must speak up when we see someone without a mask. I noticed that at church yesterday and am still wondering why I didn’t say something. I will email that person, though, who I will see again on Sunday. Thank you for spurring me to action.


    • writerjoney says:

      I thank everyone who is trying to do things right and persuading others to do the same. I’m very tired of the bad times we’re having and I feel like smacking people who won’t wear a mask when there near other people.


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