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Here Are Our New Jobs

on November 25, 2020

Yesterday morning I met our new leaders on television, and they sounded very good. Because the past year has ben so full of lies and danger from Trump, it has ben hard for me and many others, to trust him or his followers. But I think we will be able to trust our new democratic leaders.

Immediately, I was very impressed to see and hear our new president. Although I haden’t seen much of him previously, he looked very good and sounded strong. I am eager to see his good work and all of us supporting him in the future .

Thank goodness we’ve heard nothing from Trump or his followers recently. But in the future I will try to follow all his words and actions because of his past errors. Also, I hope that our newspapers will keep us well informed about any of Trump’s actions, good or bad. And in addition it is very important for our leaders to be aware of him. We need to be kept informed of conditions in all our countries, so we can do our best to solve problems and support good workers.

  • Please excuse me for not spelling people’s names. I can’t remember how to spell them correctly.

3 responses to “Here Are Our New Jobs

  1. Anne Kolibaba Larkin says:

    You’re right, Joanne. Trump is not going away, sadly. So we do need to continue to be informed.


  2. writerjoney says:

    I hope we all watch Trump’s activity and make sure he doesn’t make trouble again..


  3. berniemon13 says:

    So true!


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