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It’s time to speak up for what is right

on November 22, 2020

As I read about Trump today, the man who is working hard to destroy our country, I don’t know whether to scream or just cry quietly. If I were still young and a respected teacher, I would try to write in a newspaper–as I once was able to do–but now I ask all of you who read about the actions of that man to raise your voices and tell everyone else what you think is right. Although you may not agree with me about who should be our president, please remind Trump that he was not elected, and he should withdraw his claims. Although there may be a time in the future for him to be powerful again, it is not now. He should understand that and be silent. But it looks like he prefers to destroy our country if he can’t grab it today.

4 responses to “It’s time to speak up for what is right

  1. Anne Kolibaba Larkin says:

    Joanne, I recall your many thoughtful letters to the editor over the years. It was fun to open the morning paper (when we had a morning paper 7 days a week here) and once again see your name.


  2. Jane Watson says:

    Yakima Herald had an excellent letter to the editor on Saturday, Nov. 21 – Whatever president says or does, his followers don’t care. It was written by retired teacher Steve McKenna.


  3. writerjoney says:

    Thanks, I missed it, But I’l try to find it now..


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