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Honoring Our Country Once more

on November 30, 2020

Unfortunately, many of us are now confused and frightened about what is happening outside. Our fears may cause some of us to buy into phony promises, or be distracted by them. But instead we should hold on to the positive things we experienced in the past and the good work of the new leaders we trust.

Good living is not money or power. It is behaving honestly and protecting the people we care about who may be at risk. And it is also refusing to except the self-serving falsehoods of Trump and his followers.

Although our country may be harder to live in now than what wee remember, we need to focus on the future and do our best to support the good workers now in charge. Although Trump is trying to regain power by telling lies and persuading his followers that he is still the wright leader for our country, most of us realize that he won’t be accepted as a leader here or anywhere else.

For a long time our country has ben highly respected by people living in other countries, and many thousands of them worked hard to join us. Because our country is no longer controlled by Trump, and we now have new leaders who seem good instead. I believe we will regain the respect we once had, and that we deserve all its benefits.

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    Good article


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