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Get Ready For Big Changes in Our World

on December 7, 2020

Unfortunately, recent years have been very difficult for everyone in our country. Our troubles began with the arrival of the deadly virus that spread invisibly and damaged –or killed– everyone who breathed it in. And after that, the closing of public businesses became common everywhere. Next, most of the people who no longer had jobs were unable to find new ones. And at the same time unhealthy older people became isolated in their homes, just waiting to die because they had no other choice. The last problems were divorced people who left their children feeling abandoned and themselves no longer able to pay for their homes or take good care of their kids. Sow, in many different ways our country became much weaker than it was before.

But now, it looks like God and our scientists have found a way to save our country. Good health is now on its way to save us because a strong and safe vaccine has ben produced and will soon be given to all the people who need it. And it can be sold to others who can afford it.

Finally, when good times and decent jobs return to all of us, we will be strong and secure again. And the virus that has killed so many of our people will be controlled or completely removed from our country.

The only thing I see now as necessary is removing Donald Trump from our country. I’m certain he wount be able to lead any of our people after all the nonsense and danger he has thrown at us over several years. Without being forced, he should take his beliefs, money, and behavior too somewhere far away. And even if he may still have some strong abilities, they will never work in this country again after all the trouble he has caused. Instead, he must move on to some new place far away, where he will no longer be allowed to tell lyes or make trouble. But he may still be able to work and earn a modest salary if he works to become a good entertainer or a clown.

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