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No News is Good News?

on August 27, 2015

If you have been wondering why I am posting old pieces already posted elsewhere, it’s because school hasn’t started yet around here and even the news about education elsewhere has been sparse.   Bragging–just a little bit–I want you to know that I subcribe to two newspapers outside of Oregon just to find out what’s going on around the country.  The answer is not much.

What I hope to do, starting in mid September, is to visit the classrooms of teachers I know and others that have been recommended to me.  When I see good things happening in their classrooms I will take notes and report on them here.  Until then, I hope that my current readers will hang on with me and find value in my older articles.  If you do, I will  be rewarding you with a new essay tomorrow on the “other” purpose of education.

2 responses to “No News is Good News?

  1. sallythomas4 says:

    Joanne, I am also in classrooms – both helping teachers and visiting. wondering if I can add great teaching stories and/or have the teachers contribute them here. I forget how you set this up. Do they/we add to comments???


  2. Nancy Belkov says:

    Enjoying reading your old pieces and look forward to reading about the good things you see happening in classrooms.


I am writing here because I cannot find any other way to contact you. I am having problems with posting and I can't correct them. I wanted to add my essay sent to the news paper,and tried to mark it as a separate piece, but instead it got wiped out altogether. Please make it possible for writers use italics and, or correct their errors before sending their writing out to readers. JoanneYatvin

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