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My New Year’s Resolutions

on January 1, 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!  In the past my New Year’s Resolutions have focused on losing a few more pounds and cleaning up our storage room.  But for 2016 I want to work harder and smarter to support and improve our public schools.  I am well aware that alone I have no power to move policy makers and legislators in the directions I want them to go.  But I can vote, write to and phone my representatives, stand up for public schools and their teachers, and try to persuade the readers of this blog to do the same.  To give you an idea of the specific things I hope to do in 2016 I am posting a list of my resolutions as today’s piece.

1. Search wider for sources of information about good things happening in schools across the country.

2. Encourage readers to make me aware of what is happening in schools in their communities and let me know of sources where I can get more information.

3. Write letters and make phone calls to my legislators to inform, criticize, or praise them.  Also, invite them to read my blog.

4. Continue to encourage parents to opt-out their children from high stakes tests and give them reasons why such actions are best for everyone.

5. Write about ways that teachers can help their students meet their state’s standards through vigorous activities rather than the inert and uninspiring lessons suggested in the CCSS documents.

6. Oppose the increase of charter schools and any special “favors” to existing ones, such as free space in public school buildings or additional public funding.

7. Oppose vouchers for students to attend private or religious schools and explain why such actions are morally wrong and further damage public education.

8. Attack the “baloney” being spread about the incompetence of teachers and the failure of our public schools wherever I find it.

9. Avoid self-aggrandizement in describing things that were done in the schools where I was principal.

10. Do my best to post three meaningful pieces every week, not necessarily all written by me.









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