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A Bad Day for Me and Everyone Else

on November 9, 2016

On yesterday’s night, almost all of the members, crowded into the seats of the large auditorium waiting to make an important decision about who would be our new leaders, which is an important position in our community. We were all excited to select the people who were most capable to manage our needs and interests in our future.  So shortly  after the event opened, several of them stood in front of us to explain their interests and abilities. I hoped to hear information about the new jobs and what people would do to be elected, but unfortunately the speaking machine was completely ineffective, and we could hear nothing about what the important people said. In addition, some of us listeners did not know the names or the abilities of those people. The listeners in the crowd were not able to hear the problems of  speakers when it happened, but afterwards I began to cry tears out loud and told everyone near me that I did not know the names of the speakers, nor their abilities or interests. But what was worse, I think, was that no one else listening received any information about the plans for the future or what any of the speakers had said. I knew then, that I could not honestly vote for anyone. Without any purpose, I began to cry because of the meaningless results of our evening, and a few people near me saw me and understood what I was feeling.  I believe that many other people felt the same way as me, but most people did not show it. The main leader of the events was told that we would all be able to vote the day after they gave their speeches. Since that was our only choice, I will vote for one person I know and trust because I don’t know any of the others. Nevertheless, I am outraged and will continue to be that way because we were all denied the information we needed to know. The nameless ones who stood before us were not able to give us information about their abilities, interests, or personalities. If that is the right way to present the best people for a job, just tell us to choose by fancy clothing and good looks or else just give us papers with names we may know or not.  Obviously we weren’t given the chance to think.

Joanne Yatvin


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