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“The Treasure Hunter”Seeks Unheard Voices

on December 1, 2016

Being elsewhere for the past two weeks has given me a new perspective on what should be included in this blog. Up until now I have focused on information about school practices in different places obtained from various news sources, accompanied by my reactions and suggestions. I have also argued for my own beliefs about education and described some of the practices in the schools I worked in or visited after retiring. From time to time, I have also posted essays written by other educators. Yet, important voices and crucial information have been missing entirely. Both readers and I need to know what students of all ages think about their schools today and what changes they would like to see happen.

Although some of the articles I’ve read contain quotes from students-almost always young ones-they are brief and formulaic, telling how much they love their teacher or their new commercial materials. Nowhere have I read what older students think about the Common Core Standards, high stakes testing, the curriculum, the amount of homework, class sizes, technology in the classroom, bullying, or the emphasis or being prepared for college and the workplace. These are the things all teachers, principals, and education decision makers need to know about and consider in making decisions about school structures and practices.

Although I have been and continue to be a supporter of teachers, students, and public schools, I really have no idea of what school life is like today. I retired from my principal’s job in 2000 and stopped supervising student teachers and visiting classrooms of teachers recommended to me in 2014. To do a good job with my chosen role of writing this blog two or three times a week, I need to hear more from the people who are living a good part of their everyday lives in schools today. That means not only students, but teachers, student teachers, aides,  and other school employees or volunteers. Although I might ask a contributor for more information or some revision, I will respect the efforts, opinions and anonymity (if requested) of anyone who sends me a submission. Even If you have only a short comment to make, I will find a way to include it.  Also, however, I retain the right to reject anything that seems inaccurate, disrespectful of others, or illegal.

Teachers and parents, please consider encouraging students to contribute to “The Treasure Hunter” or contributing yourself. Not only will you be helping to make my blog better and my life easier, but you will also be adding the voices that most need to be heard.

2 responses to ““The Treasure Hunter”Seeks Unheard Voices

  1. Joan Kramer says:

    I hope you get lots of posts. Wish I were still there although I know I would be so upset about how the little ones especially are being treatment. Los Angeles now has a program for four-year-olds that is six hours long!!! And sleeping isn’t part of it. One friend did manage to get mats so she could allow them to rest. Otherwise they are supposed to be active the entire time. Yikes!


    • writerjoney says:


      if you know teachers now practicing why not pass my appeal along to them and see if they are willing–or able–to get their students involved in writing about their own reaction to the things I have mentioned that are going on in schools today. I feel it is essential to hear students’ voices on the particulars of education today.


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