The Treasure Hunter

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on April 18, 2017

I send my thanks to all of you who sent me good wishes on my birthday yesterday, and also to all the others who are faithful readers.  You may be as surprised as I am to know that I have  posted 195 pieces since I began in 2015.  Although I did not write all of them, I am proud of being able to send so many messages supporting the good things happening in our public schools and also those attacking the stupidity, greed, and evil that still exists.


Joanne Yatvin

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  1. I really appreciate your posts/columns, Joanne. My wife Kristy is a principal now and I share many of your observations/knowledge with her. Thanks so much.


  2. Don Bellairs says:

    Professor: A+

    I used to tell my students that ideas are merely “undone work”…it is far easier to have insights than to be productive and tenacious in bringing dreams to fruition. We must learn to FINISH, sometimes even if the product is not as good as we had envisioned or had hoped for at the outset.

    Your personal and professional concerns about our schools and the role of professional education in our imperfect society have materialized here–a much more difficult task than sharing at the coffee shop or pondering on the beach. More significantly, you have demonstrated concretely that you care about the humans whose lives are affected by effective and by ineffective schools: Those students and especially those teachers who maintain the idealism that all of us start with.

    You are not always right, my friend, but you are always real. There is no more effective method of teaching than role modeling.

    PS I am still at work on the reform book. I’m hoping you will write the forward.


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