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My Thanks to All

on December 30, 2018

Over the past few weeks I’ve received a number of warm notes from Milton’s friends and mine. At first I wanted to respond to each one personally, but the large number became daunting, and I put off beginning the task.  Finally I realized that there was an easier —though less personal—way for me to respond to everyone. I would publish your names on my blog and say to all: Thank you for sending me your kind words about Milton and memories of our life together.

P.S. If I misspelled your name below it was because your writing was not clear enough and I had to guess the spelling of some names.

Barbara and Ken Wiesener

Alexander Stewart

Alice (No last name given)

Glenellen Pace

Laura Dougherty

Carole Edilliby

NK Goshorn

Celt Manning for Sunshine Committee of Outside Inn

Jane Braunger

Caralynn Lott

Lola Kamp

Pamela Bomar

Judy and Les Zettergren

Ruth Daven Poreken and Barb Wiesner

OHU Radiation Oncology Team

John M Holand

Iris Kislin

Karen and Rick

Jerry and Anne Larken


Doctor Sam

Steve Buel

Brett Dillingham

Nancy Belkov

Emma Harris

Jane Whatson

Frankee Jones

A.K. Goshorn

Ken Goodman Family

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