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My Message toYou

on March 26, 2020

Deer friends,

I feel that it is very important for me to communicate with others. You may not need that action, but I do. Here, at the River Mark, only about five to ten people are visible at any time, and they have little to say or do. Of course I am no better than anyone else.

My biggest problem is not waking up on time to exercise because I stay up too late at night in order to watch the news. (My clock is working, but not making any sound to wake me up.) Fortunately, this morning I did wake up on time and got to exercise. (Aren’t you thrilled to get that information?) Believe me, if I had anything more interesting to write I would include it. (Just be grateful that I can still spell words.)

To my knowledge, nothing much is happening here and everybody is bored or boring. However, a poster claims there will be a film in the auditorium this afternoon. If so, that will be the first one for me and I am eager to see it. I’ll let you know what it was tomorrow.

I do watch television, but I am not good at finding things worth seeing or hearing. (Managing the machine is not one of my skills.)

Well, that’s all the news I have for today. Tomorrow I will try to post a new song instead of blabbering. Stay well everyone, and if you are able, tell me what you are doing, even if it is just eating and scratching your nose.


6 responses to “My Message toYou

  1. Rachel says:

    Joanne, I enjoy your blabbering.


  2. Don says:

    Here’s one of mine if you can’t find anything, Joanne.

    The Language of Love
    by Don Bellairs

    I have learned some secrets from the angels
    I have been privy to the innermost discussions of some Holy Ghosts
    Most of my minor deities divulge their dark desires to me
    For I have learned the language of love

    In the gossip of the galaxies are universal truths
    That are whispered by the Lion to the Dove
    Beneath the Tree of Knowledge lie the spoils of fallen fruits
    That have been ripened by the language of love

    Some people call me a mad, mad man
    But I just can’t imagine what they might be thinking of
    Because, to me, there can be nothing much sadder than
    Those who haven’t learned the language of love

    Today a man might be your enemy; tomorrow he may become your friend
    The only true wisdom is humility*…for we are all in this together ’til the end

    I take counsel from the sinners; I take comfort from the saints
    For I have learned that they are basically the same
    Before God paints His masterpiece, He has to mix the paints
    And He usually uses joy to tint the shame

    Some people call me a mad, mad man
    But I just can’t imagine what they might be thinking of
    Because, to me, there can be nothing sadder than
    Those who haven’t learned the language of love

    *T.S. Eliot


  3. Jane Watson says:

    Jane from Yakima, WA (who grew up in Millington, NJ) watching way too much TV, but kind of hooked right now by Steve Irwin. Animal Planet – Crikey! Has an Irwin’s marathon on this week. Retired two years ago- still have a bundle of stuff to dig through. Sent out to my teacher friends how to make origami planting pots so kids at home can make the pot out of newspaper, plant the seed, and then plant the whole newspaper pot when it’s safe to plant outside- Mother’s’ Day. Also how to grow a pineapple plant & places with read aloud you can watch. Hope things are good there. Wind machines were on all night – poor orchardists – temps have been in the 50s – 70s. Take care of yourself!

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