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A Message to Friends

on April 4, 2020

Dear Friends and family members,

I have been writing regularly in order to let you know that I am still active.  Although I try to send pleasant and interesting messages I have unintentionally hurt some people’s feelings.  I regret that and will try to do better, but I am determined to continue to communicate.  If you are interested, please respond and suggest things for me to write about.  Although I do not have new material, I still have old stuff available and some of it may still be interesting.  I will value any suggestions you send me.  Thank you for responding.

P.S. Even my television is cranky.  It has refused to operate today, but I will keep trying.



2 responses to “A Message to Friends

  1. doctorsam7 says:

    The new normal is like something none of us have been through before. I’m finding talking through things like Facetime, Zoom and Google Duo is one way that helps. It helps to see faces as you talk. Zoom is free for the first 40 minutes or so of each call and it works on desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets. Once downloaded (free) is easy to use. My church choir is likely having a “choir practice” using Zoom. Will let you know how that goes.

    Something that is missing too often in some of today’s ways of teaching reading is the joy of reading. Teaching so you are helping to create lifelong readers. Teaching so your readers sound like storytellers. That would be a beginning list of things to write about it.

    When I was in service (drafted for 2 years no combat) I can remember the countdown to being discharged. Right now it’s looking like by June we might be back to some degree of normal, certainly by September. That countdown is doable. In the service, we would have been considered “short-timers”. So hang in there. One wonderful thing about people who really love books and really know how to get into what Atwell calls “The Reading Zone” is we can get lost in books for a while and take trips to anywhere in time and space. And then we come back and talk about our “trip” with friends. Hope you go on some great trips soon. Best. Stay well! DoctorSam7 from St. Louis

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  2. writerjoney says:

    Keep trudging and trying to do your best!

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