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More Nonsense From Joanne

on April 13, 2020

Dear friends,

I wan’t to continue communicating with you but I am still ashamed of my bad spelling.  Mostly I watch television because there is nothing else to see or hear.  You have ben very kind and helpful by suggesting things I could do, but unfortunately I am not smart enough to do most of them.  The best thing I have ben doing is a game with my sister Hellen every day. She wins or I win, but that doesn’t matter. Communication is important because I don’t see anyone in this building or even hear there voices.

What I have just written is complaining, which I don’t want to do. What I need most of all is another game with someone else. Dose anyone have a suggestion? I am still  physically healthy and I think you are too.  What we all need is more cumunication.

I think today is my birthday, but I’me not sure.  I will check that now……No. It’s next week.

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