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Today is Even Better

on April 18, 2020

At this place food always come’s first.  There is also too much and my cat is getting fat! After the food I received several kind messages that I will save forever and some lovely gifts. It will take me all day today to go through all messages and gifts. I Will respond to those all those who wrote  or sent gifts, but that will take some time.

Right know I will just say thank you to everyone

Joanne the happy Laidy



6 responses to “Today is Even Better

  1. drmom2003 says:

    Hi Joanne,

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful birthday! You also had a lot of birthday wishes on your Facebook page!

    Lynne Remson


  2. bellairsd says:

    JoanneHenry David Thoreau said, “To affect the quality of the day…that is the highest of the arts.” I have attached a synopsis of a play I wrote with middle school students in Kentucky, then expanded when I was in Oregon. I pitched this to a committee of mostly distinguished Brits who run an English language theater company in the Swiss capital of Bern (my wife and I still live in Europe). enjoy but please don’t share. I am working hard to have it finished by mid-May. It is nice to read that you are feeling better. I know little bit about being alone. It is hard. Contact me any time. Your friend,Don Bellairs Click on the attachment below. it is a PDF and not dangerous to open on your computer.


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