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A Message From The Watermark

on April 25, 2020

Dear frends,

I have written nothing in the past few days because I have done nothing but sleep, eat, and watch television.  I also spent a lot of time trying to correct misspelled words. I don’t know why I have forgotten how to spell, but my desk makes me aware of all the many misspelled words, and I may be able to fix a few of them (It took me only ten minutes to correct misspelled words with the right words)

I really want to post knew words and songs, but I think I have already posted all I remember. If you have time and are also bored, please send me any songs you remember. I would be happy to receive even misspelled or nasty words.

(I was amazed  that I was able to correct the misspelled  words I wrote here.  It only took about  20 minutes!)


Joanne Yatvin

(At least I was able to spell my words correctly the third  time I wrote  them.  I guess I will be promoted to the third grade next year.)

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