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Explaining My Problem

Over several months we who live at the Watermark in Phladelfia have ben confined to our apartments because of the frightening world wide virus. For all of us our physical isolation has ben very difficult and unpleasant. Although we get meals every day and have our rooms cleaned weekly, we are not allowed to have physical contact with anyone in the building.

Now I have memory loss which I attribute to being isolated in my apartment for so long. Although I remember the basics of my life, I forget how to spell words when writing, and even the number on my apartment door when I’m asked.

But what has ben most difficult for me recently is writing. Not only do I have trouble spelling words, I also repeat sentences because I forget that I have already written them. Because writing has long ben an important part of my life, I now work hard to clean up my spelling errors so I can post what I’ve written. Fortunately my computer puts marks under any misspelled words so I will know they are wrong, but it still takes me a long time to correct them.

Because everyone at the Watermark is close to having freedom again and the chance to be with friends, I hope that my forgotten abilities will return and stay with me forever. If that happens I will be in the best emotional shape that I have ever been. My plan is to stop complaining and to get on with writing. I’m counting on my friends to help me restore my memory and I hope I will spell words correctly for the rest of my life.

P.S. if there are any misspelled words on this page correct them and don’t tell me about my errors.


Where To Go From Here

When I watched television three days ago I felt much better than I had for many weeks. Not only did I see protesters who appeared to be calmed down and ready to go back to there homes homes, I also saw Donald Trump carrying a large religious hat, waring a gown and standing in front of a church. Because he looked like the idiot he is, I think his performance was bad for him and good for the rest of us. Earlier I planed to give some money to Joe Biden because he looks and sounds much better than Trump to be elected for our next president. In fact I felt so good that evening I was already to send money to all the democrats even though I was sure they would no longer need much money to beat trump. His performance that night was so ridiculous that I was certain very few people will vote for him now. I would rather save my money to help the families who have been devastated by the virus and harmed by the violence that has overtaken our county. What do you people think?

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