The Treasure Hunter

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Where To Go From Here

on June 6, 2020

When I watched television three days ago I felt much better than I had for many weeks. Not only did I see protesters who appeared to be calmed down and ready to go back to there homes homes, I also saw Donald Trump carrying a large religious hat, waring a gown and standing in front of a church. Because he looked like the idiot he is, I think his performance was bad for him and good for the rest of us. Earlier I planed to give some money to Joe Biden because he looks and sounds much better than Trump to be elected for our next president. In fact I felt so good that evening I was already to send money to all the democrats even though I was sure they would no longer need much money to beat trump. His performance that night was so ridiculous that I was certain very few people will vote for him now. I would rather save my money to help the families who have been devastated by the virus and harmed by the violence that has overtaken our county. What do you people think?

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