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A Hard Time is Here Again

on May 29, 2020

This morning I turned on the television as I usually do, watched for several minutes and then turned it of for today and some time to come. Why? Because our country is in bad shape and dangerous. And we can’t do anything to calm things down right now.

Even though most of us have friends and family members nearby, we are not in a position to tangle with an army or a gang with guns. Our only smart choice is to stay away from angry groups or anyone carrying a gun. Because the United States is neither united or a state right now, our only choice is to take care of ourselves. In other words we should stay at home, in the neighborhood, or visit places thatbecauseyou know are safe.

Because time always changes over our lives, I hope that will happen soon and for the best. But at present, we are in danger among angry and frightened people carrying guns. Our only choice is to keep our distance from them. I believe that good times will return when the virus is gone and we are all safe again. Now, just be careful and hope that peace will come back to us soon and be sweat once more.

2 responses to “A Hard Time is Here Again

  1. Lovely note, Joanne. I will give you a call on Monday around your 2 pm if that’s okay with you.


  2. writerjoney says:

    Thanks Diane. I also look forward to talking to you.


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