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How Should Schools Operate Today?

on July 7, 2020

Believe it or not it’s has ben a hard time for me because I have written abougt education for a long time after teaching in schools of three states. In adition, when, where and how schools shood now be operating is not yet clear to me at all. I have ben reading pieces abought this years plans for schools in different states, but none of them have ben helpful

Although I’ve ben reading articles abought the processes of school openongs this year, what’s ben written so far dosen’t include information abought the danger of disease when students are close together with others who may still be infected . None of the officials managing large publik schools appear to recognize the continuing danger of spreading the virus to everybody who is close for any length of time.

With plans for preparing children for school are so close we should also be planning for school safety. Don’t begin by buying new clothes and shoes for your children. Instead get them ready for newly structured schools, different school owers and the safest school behavior. I thinkt t many of our cities will try to provide good eduction in there regular school processes while others will tell parents to keep there children at home for at least the first few months. All ouwers parents decisions will depend on local health conditions and the beliefs allready developed in there cumunity.

I suspect that people’s decisions and there results will be different in all states, just as they are now. But I say, play it safe. Having your children learn at home with locally created teaching methods is probably a hard choice for parents, but the best one for their children.

Finally, here are my suggestions for children’s education in the coming times. Because there current hellth conditions are different from place to place, you will have to decide which ones are the safest and smartist in your area. In my opion because college students are older and behave differently than younger students, they should have there lessons sent to there homes by televison instead of being inside schools. They are better able to sit stil, pay attention to teachers speaking loudly in fron’t of large screens.

With those conditions available students should be able to ask questions of teachers and respond to there answers by telephone. Although I would like to be more specific I think that high schools in different places will operate in various ways. But all of them can teach well from a distance when there students are already learning that way. The only things I would sugest for this new teaching methods would be powerful screens, clear questions, answers, and discussions from students. I’m sorry not be more specific right know but our colleges and schools are differently organized. Student’s should mail in there homework and teacers coould return it corrected in the same way.

As for younger students we need to provide skhools that are close to there homes with small, widespead classrooms. And only healthy students who are checked for ther health regularly by school officells shold be allowed to be in schools.

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