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It’s Time to Jump into Danger and Trouth

on September 21, 2020

Several days ago I wrote that I would like to see the world grow good again, but it hasn’t moved an inch in that direction. Although I see many people who have become mask users– and so am I–too many of them haven’t bothered to become responsible people who could have saved this country earlier. Unfortunately, our world is still a mess and shows no evidence of changing into strength, truth and positive action.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of the idiots who have taken step after step in destroying our country. My errors have ben not standing up strongly against Trump, or urging our governors and scientists to stand tall and tell the world how wrong trump is. But right now I will do my best to be strong and speak honestly.

All I can promiss is that I will do my best to avoid foolishness and fear, and instead I will speak strongly and loud when I see others with deliberate evil. If I am wrong this time I will apologize to everyone I might have insulted. And I plan strongly to encourage all our may good people who deserve much better lives in the future than they have now. They shoud stand up strong with all of us who are right or let us know clearly whenever we are wrong.

Although I may be sounding harsh or dangerous now, my grittiest disire is to encourage everyone who is a good person to move into a group which means that we can save our country and our lives.

One response to “It’s Time to Jump into Danger and Trouth

  1. berniemon13 says:

    Excellent article. We can do our best to help this country by voting for Joe Biden.


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