The Treasure Hunter

A blog by Joanne Yatvin

on November 18, 2018

Dear Readers

Unfortunately, I must take some time away from writing this blog. My husband, Milton Yatvin, is in a local hospital with a serious illness.  Please wait and wish for him to recover and me to return to my personal life and the work I love.


4 responses to “

  1. doctorsam7 says:

    Praying for a swift recovery. Take care!


  2. Brett Dillingham says:

    Wishing you and Milton the best, Joann.


  3. NANCY C BELKOV says:

    Sorry to hear about Milton’s illness. I wish you well. Lots of healing thoughts are being sent your way. Nancy


  4. Emma Harris says:

    Dear Joanne,

    I’m so sorry to hear your husband is unwell. I hope he makes a strong recovery soon. Thinking of you.

    Best wishes,


I am writing here because I cannot find any other way to contact you. I am having problems with posting and I can't correct them. I wanted to add my essay sent to the news paper,and tried to mark it as a separate piece, but instead it got wiped out altogether. Please make it possible for writers use italics and, or correct their errors before sending their writing out to readers. JoanneYatvin

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