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Moving Toward Brighter Days

on November 25, 2018

Dear Readers,

Milton came home from the hospital on Friday, moving on his way toward strength and normal activities. He and I appreciate all the good wishes we received.

Because Milton still needs my attention to walk, eat properly, and take his medications,  it will be a while before I get back to writing “The Treasure Hunter”. But we both want that to happen soon.


4 responses to “Moving Toward Brighter Days

  1. Gail Halmstad says:

    What wonderful news! I look forward to your future blogs.

    Gail Halmstad (Former WSRA Convention Chair who brought you to Milwaukee)


  2. Anne Kolibaba Larkin says:

    Wonderful news!


  3. doctorsam7 says:

    Glad to hear this good news. Take care! Also- it’s a bit early but Merry Christmas!


  4. Jane Watson says:


    so sorry about your hysband’s hospitalization. I hope things are better now! Thought this had gone out long ago, but just found it in drafts. Apologies. Jane ________________________________


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