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How Can We Know What a Good School Is Today?

on September 22, 2019

Every morning I look to see how many people are reading my post from the previous day and also which pieces I wrote in the past are still popular. Amazingly, the consistent winner over a long time has been “What Is the difference between a good School and an effective school”, which I posted some years ago. Not only does that surprises me, it also shames me because what I said then has no relevance today, and I have failed to update it.

The reason I no longer express my opinions about school quality is that I’m retired, and no longer have a chance to visit and observe in school classrooms. The only opinions I’m now aware of are those in newspapers, and they vary widely. I can’t stop wondering if that is because schools also vary widely or because those who express their opinions are not qualified to make valid judgments.

At this point, I feel that the best thing I can do is to ask the opinions of my faithful readers. If you have had any recent experience with a school, or if you know someone who has, tell us what you know. For instance are the school classes of a decent size; are homework assignments reasonable; is their good student behavior; does the principal do a good job; are parents’ opinions or requests taken seriously; and most important of all, are your kids learning and liking to be in school?

If you, like me, are no longer involved with a school, but know someone who is, please give him or her my message. We all need to know the truth about school operations today and not just swallow what the bosses tell us. All the kids now in school are our children or grandchildren who deserve high quality education, fair treatment, and our support.

I want to hear your experiences and opinions, and I will post them here!

P.S. If you are interested, the article I wrote earlier was published on August 26, 2017 and you should still be able to find it on this blog.

One response to “How Can We Know What a Good School Is Today?

  1. Kelley Lynn says:

    A good school, today or ANY day:

    Fully staffed, including enough support staff, Reasonable class sizes. Alternative programs with enough staffing and slots for students whose “least restrictive environment” is something other than the regular school or classroom.

    Time and effort spent building relationships between staff, students, and their families. Fully staffed enrichment programs: art, music, etc., etc., that doesn’t put the burden on regular classroom teachers.

    Fully staffed and supported before and after school programs, family nights, etc.,

    I’m seeing a theme: whatever good things are suggested, they need to be fully staffed, fully funded, fully supported.


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