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Learning to Read

on September 30, 2019

Today I want to teach everyone some simple facts about about learning to read. These days teaching phonics to children is very popular, but it isn’t the best way for students to learn new words. Here’s why.

In order to be able to read anything you must first be able to speak lots of words and know what they mean. Just sounding out such words as “Germaine” or “indiscrete” wouldn’t be enough. You would have to know their meanings beforehand.

Sentences that give you a hint about the meaning of a new word help you to read with understanding and identify the word. Here’s one example with three new words! “Although my friend made a serious offense by selling cocaine, he shouldn’t have to spend the rest of his life in purgatory.”

When young children are read to regularly they rarely have any trouble learning to read at school. Learning comes quickly when a child is able to see and hear the words his parent is reading to him.

Learning to read by teaching phonics is difficult because you need to the know the sounds of all letters and their variations.   For example the ordinary sound of  the letter C is “ca”, but it could also be “ch”, “ic” or “k”.

I’m having trouble with this computer and may have to have it fixed or buy a new one. If you don’t get any messages from me by next week, send pennies!

2 responses to “Learning to Read

  1. Jane Watson says:

    Hope things are going well for you – are you all settled back in Jersey? Cold in Yakima – winter’s on the way- glad I’m not in Montana right now!

    Sent from my iPhone


    • writerjoney says:

      Dear Jane,
      Thanks so much for writing to me. I’ m settled in Philadelphia (not New Jersey) in a place called “The Watermark”, which is for old folks, who are friendly, attractive, and vigorous. I came here this past April, a few months after my husband passed away, and I plan to stay. Fortunately, I have three family members living within reasonable distance who contact or get-together with me often. (They also help me to shop when I want to.) In addition, I am healthy and fairly well organized. I have joined some local activities and try hard to continue writing my blog, “The Treasure Hunter”, at least once a week. Please write to me again when you have time and tell me what and how you are doing.

      Best wishes,


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