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Give Me Your knowledge or Opinion

on March 22, 2020

As a successful teacher of reading in the past, I am willing to accept the possibility that one way of teaching works better than the other for certain children or because the world has changed over time. I just don’t want us to live with an angry dispute anymore. Would it be possible–and reasonable– for every public school to offer a choice to parents and their students? Would doing that result in peace or war within a building? Please give me your opinions or knowledge. I am willing to consider your knowledge and experience

Joanne Yatvin

2 responses to “Give Me Your knowledge or Opinion

  1. Anne Kolibabab Larkin says:

    It might be a good idea. What we would want to avoid, though, would be “action research” that would use students’ performance on standardized tests as “proof” that one method worked better than another.


  2. Steve Buel says:

    I believe in balance in education. There are children who learn in many different ways and one way or another way of teaching things isn’t the direction I think we need to go. I wrote about this recently on my facebook page titled Steve Buel for Better Schools. Hope you are doing well, Joanne.


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