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Living in a World of Education I Can't Understand

on March 23, 2020

Since there isn’t much to do these days, I try to go from one task or game to another every half hour. At least that keeps me from falling asleep. I also go to my computer frequently to see if there is anything new there and usually there is. But right now I have decided to write because I have something to say.

The topic I have been reading about almost everyday is reading, and most of it supports Phonics (a word I have only recently learned to spell). In fact several of the words I read from phonics supporters are unknown to me. Clearly, we are operating on different levels, and maybe in a different world. To me there version of teaching reading appears strange and unnecessarily difficult to learn. I am certain that it wasn’t the way I learned to read or the way I taught students to read. I can’t except the idea that those methods no longer operate successfully.

Why should reading be any different today from what it was twenty years ago when I was a teacher? Are the students I taught then unable to read now? I can still read books, newspapers, and the bills I need to pay. So I don’t understand why Phonics supporters claim that their version of reading is the only one to be taught today. Can anyone explain that to me?

One response to “Living in a World of Education I Can't Understand

  1. Steve Buel says:

    I’m going to repeat my earlier comment. There needs to be a balance in most things taught — including reading. Some kids learn best some ways, some a different way. There needs to be a balance so all children get a chance. I am not a reading expert, but I have had close relationships with people who were wonderful reading teachers and they taught in a balanced way. Know the sounds and the sight words. Get kids reading. Do all the things done 30 or 40 years ago, but also teach for the dyslexic children and children who have had no introduction to books. Immerse them in all things reading.


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