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Poems Written by Young children

on March 30, 2020

Quite a while ago I posted pieces written by students in grades K through 3 to demonstrate the competence of young children who were learning to write without being taught the rules of English grammar.  What they did was to write there own ideas based on pieces of adult writing they had studied. Unfortunately however, some readers assumed that those students were just copying material they had read and not learned anything about writing.

Today I hope to erase that assumption by offering pieces of writing by  fifth grade students from a school in Oregon where I was principal. Here you can see what they wrote, and I hope you will recognize that it represents the thinking and language of heathy and hard working fifth graders.



Sniffing the spring air

A pika scans for danger

Before venturing on

A Solitary ram

Awaits the coming darkness

Standing strong and tall

Prayer of the Eagle


I appreciate the keen sight you gave me,

And the wings that let me soar high above the clouds.

Will you please keep my nest safe from man and his machines?

And make salmon spawn in great numbers

Also, if you would, God, please wipe out

DDT from the face of the earth.


I wonder

Do books read themselves?

Maybe when the lights are out

And so am I.

The Great Depression

Every one for himself.

No jobs available

Poverty stricken towns

Low pay. No pay

A sore spot in history

Hand me Downs

But It’s not my style

I don’t like the color.

And it doesn’t go with my shoes

Mom, I don’t like it

Do I have to wear it?

Why always hand me downs?

Can’t I ever get something new?

I don’t want to wear Lisa’s old dress

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