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What Are Our schools Like Today?

on March 31, 2020

Clearly, performing well on tests is a good way to demonstrate your learning. But there are many other kinds of schoolwork that would do the same things just as well with more pleasure. Students could demonstrate them by writing, speaking, building, painting, acting, singing or even having a fit. But what schools should also be doing is to bring new kinds of work and play into their buildings and promote them

In all schools there are many other kinds of performance beside tests for students to demonstrate their learning, and they may very well be more beneficial. So why don’t our schools test them and see their results? School activities such as singing, dancing, painting, and building are rare after kindergarten even though each of them offers new learning and and lasting benefits. Or they could even create a pattern of school events such a parade in costume for a holiday, a school sing around, or dancing show, or a month of creating poetry. Of course such events would be of different xxx for different grades and e spread over the school year. and they would neither detract from ordinary teaching and learnings or be expensive.

Unfortunately such activities would are now discouraged. Why? Because today’s experts believe they are either too difficult or worthless for students to learn. But as an experienced teacher and principal I believe there many types of worthy learning that could be taught initially and expanded in all schools..

If I were a student today I would think our schools were just places for punishment; only one dull, irrelevant task after another, followed by tests. Is that the best we can give them? If so, we should close all schools and start over again. Why not, all we are doing now is waisting time, spending public money foolishly, and damaging the natural abilities of our children.

2 responses to “What Are Our schools Like Today?

  1. Anne Kolibaba Larkin says:

    We have made an idol out of data. Every activity must be measurable by summative and formative assessments.


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