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Thanks To Nancy Belkov

on April 6, 2020

 Nancy sent me the words below that I forgot. No one at this place is speaking to others because of there fear.  So I would appreciate your messages or games. The television information does not chere me up at all.


Tell me the tales that to me were so dear
Long, long ago, long, long ago
Sing me the songs I delighted to hear
Long, long ago, long ago
Now you have come all my grief is removed
Let me forget for how long you have roved
Let me believe that you love as you loved
Long, long ago, long ago
Do you remember the path where we met
Long, long ago, long, long ago
Ah yes, you told me you ne’er forget
Long, long ago, long ago
Then, to all others, my smile you preferred
Love, when you spoke, gave a charm to each word
Still my heart treasures the praises I heard
Long, long ago, long ago

One response to “Thanks To Nancy Belkov

  1. doctorsam7 says:

    Comments were off on the new post asking for these lyrics so I’m posting them here:

    Oh, we ain’t got a barrel of money, maybe we’re ragged and funny
    But we’ll travel along, singing a song, side by side
    Don’t know what’s coming tomorrow, maybe its trouble and sorrow
    But we’ll travel the road, sharin’ our load, side by side.
    Through all kinds of weather, what if the sky should fall
    Just as long as we’re together, it doesn’t matter at all
    When they’ve all had their quarrels and parted, we’ll be the same as we started
    Just travelin’ along singing our song, side by side

    ENJOY! Dr. Sam from St. Louis


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