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Me Again

on April 8, 2020


High, faithful friends.

I have nothing to do here but eat, sleep, wash my clothes, feed and pet my cat, and play scrabble with family members on my computer. I keep the television on all day, but it offers nothing but bad news and old, boring shows.  (I suspect that my poor television is  the result of not subscribing to more expensive places, but I am firmly against paying them more money.  What are they doing to deserve it?)

On good days the weather here is sunny and mild, so I take short walks outside with my face masked.  If you have any suggestions for further pleasure let  me know; I need it.

God bless you all,


4 responses to “Me Again

  1. Don Bellairs says:

    These first two websites are asking for volunteers. I think maybe the only way you can help is by doing things in your home right now–but maybe you can use your people skills to make phone calls or work for a volunteer hotline?

    This next one is special for you. It is a language guy who has built a website. He will email you words-of-the-day and he has a tone of other resources available. Click on this–or copy and paste– (btw:
    he will answer your emails):

    Peace and Goodwill


  2. Steve Buel says:

    Joanne, you didn’t mention reading — can you get some good books somehow. Does your television have an “on demand” setting? There are some good shows which you might like that are recorded there. If you don’t know how could someone show you how to use it. You might try looking up top tv shows on the internet.


  3. Anne Kolibaba Larkin says:

    This is a great time to read all those books you’ve never gotten to, or re-read some favorites. Can you order online from the local library? Does your facility have a library? Can your kids bring you some books?


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