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My Opinion Today

on April 9, 2020

Like every one else living at the Watermark in Philadelphia, I am confined to my apartment because a small number of members here have become ill with the virus.  We have not ben told who they are or how strongly they are affected. All group activities in this building have ben suspended for the time being.  We receive food regularly and any other things we need. Basically we are well taken care of, but all of us are lonely and most of us are frightened.

Fortunately, my sister and one of my sons communicate with me daily by playing Scrabble with me, and my oldest sun, or his wife, brings me everything I need. I also receive phone calls from family members and friends.  Still, I complain because my activities are so limited and there seems to be no end in sight.

Do I blame anyone? Yes! I blame our government, and people who have devoted their lives to getting rich without caring about anyone else. Neither God nor our planet made this mess. We have done it by electing the wrong leaders.  When you get the chance to vote this year–which is supposed to happen very soon– be careful to choose the people who care about the health and wellbeing of all American citizens and their children.



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