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Good News Today

on April 15, 2020

I am pleased to report that things are getting better at this place. For the first time we have received written messages, and a woman who works here came bye to help me  contact with others on this computer. Until know all we were getting was food, and there was too much of it.  I never expected to refuse to eat meat and vegetables.  I have always enjoyed them in the past.  But now they look and smell bad.  All I wan’t and need are juice, icecreame  and sandwiches.

But more than good food I realize that I need  contact with people, my family, friends, and even strangers. The world has gone upside down and –as you are well aware–I can’t even spell words correctly. It’s hard for me to explain what lonesumness dose to people.  Everything that was once easy to recognize is unfamiliar.  It is an upsetting event, but it enables people like me to understand how complicated living is, and how lucky we are to be able to do what we can do when we are healthy. I thank God for all the skills I was given.  Even though I often fell as a child–and now as an old  woman–I am grateful for all the things I have ben able to do and the rewards I have received.  All I want now is for someone to tell me how to spell ice-cream correctly.  (This machine finally did it!)

God bless you all.





5 responses to “Good News Today

  1. drmom2003 says:

    So glad to hear the staff are talking more! Getting written messages is so important. I hope you can get some ice cream soon!!!

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  2. Jane Watson says:

    Glad to hear your good news. It was very windy here in Selah ,central WA.state. Irrigation is on the alfalfa field; I just got water on the front lawn.Spring is here! Walk outside when you can.


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