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Have a Good Day Today!

on April 16, 2020

I may have posted the song below before, but my memory is bad.  Because I like the song and like all of you, I will repeat it now.  (Every word I have written so far I spelled correctly. I must be getting smart again).


Oh I don’t have a barrel of money

Maybe we’re stupid and funny

But, we travel along

Singing a song

Side by side

Oh I don’t know what’s comming tomorrow

Maybe it’s trouble and sorrow

But I’ll travel along

Singing a song

Side by side

Nobody knows the weather

And we can’t be together

But we travel along

Singing a song’

Side by side


(I don’t like the way this machine groups words, but I can’t control it any other way.)




13 responses to “Have a Good Day Today!

  1. bellairsd says:

    Thank you Joanne! This is a beautiful song. I am happy you are feeling smart again. I have always thought you were brilliant. Your friend,D


  2. Pana says:

    I love this, Joanne!

    I sang the song.

    Love singing.




  3. Anne Kolibaba Larkin says:

    Great choice, Joanne! Thank you for the song and the reminders.


  4. drmom2003 says:

    Lovely sentiment!!! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Doug Garnett says:

    Joanne – Been thinking of you. Also been thinking about the panic we see at schools about the time lost in this shut down.

    Some days, I think a lot of students are going to benefit from living through this and the compressed time with their parents. I also come to think of the silliness of the underlying idea that “every minute counts” — not giving learning value to living life, exploring, or other possibilities.

    It’s not easy, because not every household will deliver something good to their kids through this time.

    Would love to hear thoughts from you if you have energy and focus about this — you have a unique experience and viewpoint to bring. Especially because you aren’t beholden to any of the states which are trying to reach legally mandated minimum “hours” — as if “putting in the hours” is what matters most.

    Glad to hear things are improving at your place. I keep you in my thoughts.



    • writerjoney says:

      All we have to do is to survive. Then we will be to be smarter and more grateful to be alive.


    • writerjoney says:

      I think that this awful event will be a better lessen for young people than for us. In my opinion the current education activities have ben nonsense and waisted time. (I can’t spell correctly anymore, but I still understand human needs and feelings.)


    • writerjoney says:

      You are right this time. Although this has ben an awful experience for millions of people it has also ben an awakening. I think that all of us will turn out better than we were before. (Please excuse any misspelled words. I can’t remember how to spell correctly. If I were a student now, I would be held back for at least a year.)


    • writerjoney says:

      I thought I sent you a message, but I might have erased it by mistake. My head is no longer working well.


    • writerjoney says:

      The only important matter in this mess is to keep people alive and safe. We will fix all the other problems later when no one’s life or job is at risk. WE ARE NOT HERE TO GET RICH OR BE POWERFUL, BUT TO DO ALL WE CAN FOR EVERY PERSON STILL ALIVE.


  6. Nancy L. Creech says:

    Happy Birthday!


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