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Dear Frends

According to my clock it is ten A.M.  I have ben awake for a while but not in a hurry to get up and get dressed.  I have received several messages from friends, but have  ben able to reply to only a few so far.  Since the day is long I will do my best to answer every one by tonight.

My biggest problem right now is forgetting how to spell words.  My machine let’s  me know when I write a word wrong , but it doesn’t tell me how to write it correctly.

Be assured that I am still physically healthy and that my grand daughter and my sun communicate with me regularly. My emotions and lonelyness are the things  getting  in my way.

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Another Message from a Lonely Old Woman

While I was sitting in my room with only my cat today, a song I once knew popped into my head.  Below are the words I sang. Are they correct? Please let me know. I am out of touch with the real world.


Oh the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home

Tis summer and the darkies are gay

Oh the world seems bright

While the birds sing happy all the day


Weep no more my lady

Oh weep no more today

For the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home

On my old Kentucky home far away


Please excuse me for sending this message.  I am alone every day, so I need to make contact with people I know or I will go nuts. Do you think the world  will ever get normal again?



A Message To My Family

Dear  Family Members,

I wan’t all of you to know that I am still healthy and able to respond.  Nothing interesting is happening in our building, but some illnesses have been reported. We  received a message today from the new manager here—someone I have never met—that reported  three people here have become ill, but all of them are alive and being cared fore in a hospital. If I understand that message correctly, the rest of us are safe and healthy. We are receiving food regularly and responses to our questions and needs.  The big problem we all have is loneliness.

I also want you who live far away to know that Alan and his wife Laura have ben working hard to provide everything I need.  My problems are loneliness and confusion. (The biggest one is forgetting how to spell words.) Unfortunately, much of the information from television and the people in charge here at the Watermark is not clear to me.

Please continue to contact me when you can, and send me good news. My biggest problems is forgetting how to spell words correctly, so send me the wright spellings of any words I have misspelled. ( I wan’t my youngest grandchild to do that because he is the smartest person in my family.)

Love to all of you, and excuse any wrongly spelled words.




My Opinion Today

Like every one else living at the Watermark in Philadelphia, I am confined to my apartment because a small number of members here have become ill with the virus.  We have not ben told who they are or how strongly they are affected. All group activities in this building have ben suspended for the time being.  We receive food regularly and any other things we need. Basically we are well taken care of, but all of us are lonely and most of us are frightened.

Fortunately, my sister and one of my sons communicate with me daily by playing Scrabble with me, and my oldest sun, or his wife, brings me everything I need. I also receive phone calls from family members and friends.  Still, I complain because my activities are so limited and there seems to be no end in sight.

Do I blame anyone? Yes! I blame our government, and people who have devoted their lives to getting rich without caring about anyone else. Neither God nor our planet made this mess. We have done it by electing the wrong leaders.  When you get the chance to vote this year–which is supposed to happen very soon– be careful to choose the people who care about the health and wellbeing of all American citizens and their children.



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Me Again


High, faithful friends.

I have nothing to do here but eat, sleep, wash my clothes, feed and pet my cat, and play scrabble with family members on my computer. I keep the television on all day, but it offers nothing but bad news and old, boring shows.  (I suspect that my poor television is  the result of not subscribing to more expensive places, but I am firmly against paying them more money.  What are they doing to deserve it?)

On good days the weather here is sunny and mild, so I take short walks outside with my face masked.  If you have any suggestions for further pleasure let  me know; I need it.

God bless you all,



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