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We Should Use Our Time Wisely

on May 4, 2020

One good thing about being here in a local hell, is that we have lots of time to think and nobody can stop our thoughts.  My latest thought is that because the virus is killing so many people, and frightening the rest of us, we deserve some information about it’s appearance.  So the people in charge should give us some answers. What does that virus look like?  Can we see it if we get’s close to it? Are we able to knock it down, grab it, or step on it ?  How long do those bastards live or hang around our area? Can we squirt some poison on one of them before it kills us?  Whichever is more appropriate, we need  more information while we are hiding and shivering at home. We also need to know more about how to protect our bodies.  Right now we have nothing better to do than the questions I am suggesting.

Joanne Yatvin

5 responses to “We Should Use Our Time Wisely

  1. Yvonne says:

    Agree that we should use our time wisely. Also agree we have a lot of time to be with our own thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. This is a perfect time to reflect about so much.

    We are being given an opportunity to “see” without distraction, if we are wise enough to seize the opportunity.


  2. writerjoney says:

    Thanks for reesponding


  3. Jane Watson says:

    Great questions! My question is why do some people believe this is nothing more than flu? History should have taught more about the Spanish flu after WWI as well as polio before the vaccine….


  4. writerjoney says:

    Because they think we are stupid, and unfortunately man of us are just that.


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