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A Sugestionto Parents at This Hard Time

on May 8, 2020

As an experienced school principal, and the mother of five children, l learned that children can learn well outside of school if thy are readingand also writing at home, and sharing there work with friends and family members. In fact, children may learn even better than they did at school.

Although our children didn’t learn as much back then as they would have learned in schools at home,  it was still enough for them to go on to there next grades and ultimately to colleges.  My claim is that American children can learn well enough at home this year if it is managed well by parents and assisted by friends on the phone, or able to send written messages frequently. Though one year of home learning is not complete education, it is enough to get children ready for the next year at school.

2 responses to “A Sugestionto Parents at This Hard Time

  1. Don says:

    Strong essay, Professor Yatvin. I agree with you to an extent…I think it depends a lot on the parents and a lot on the kids. Maybe if the home school network grows stronger and parents get access to some great lesson plans and some group activities. Too often, it is easy for home school to spiral into an unstructured, unproductive nuisance for parents and an annoyance for teenagers who already know how to push the buttons on their stressed-out parents. I had many parents whose kids were IN SCHOOL come to me wanting help with their kids at home because they didn’t have any behavior management skills. Kids need to demonstrate that they can self-educate. Then let them design their own educations. But some kids need experienced teachers with behavioral training or they are basically living in study hall at home.


    • writerjoney says:

      Don, I am not writing well these days because nether my mind or my writing is working well. Yet I still feel that I must communicate with people even though I am making mistakes. I don’t want to hurt other people except the idiots on television.


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