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Don’t rush things. Stay safe. Help others.

on May 8, 2020

I am writing for the first time this week because I was having trouble with my computer. Fortunately my sons and daughter-in-law teamed up to figure out the problem remotely and get me connected again.

Although I’m pretty old by now, and have been given most of the good things of life, I‘m not ready to die.  The world is in a terrible mess right now and I’d like to do my part to help everyone clean it up. Wouldn’t that be worth all our time and effort?

The first thing that needs to be cleaned up is our national leadership, and I’d like to do it with a big broom to their backsides. Telling people to go back to work when leaders know very well that the virus will kill many of them makes no sense. Who benefits from rushing out too soon and without proper safeguards in effect?  Many people will die or suffer permanent injuries, and not just old people like me.  Instead we should be making sure that people have enough money to eat, pay their rent or mortgage and be safe.  We need to help out of work employees, small businesses and farmers.  Big corporations and the wealthy should not be getting handouts they don’t need right now.

Speaking of wealth reminds me that we all need to think about what we should do with any money we can spare. Those of us who can, should contribute a few dollars to help people who have nothing left for every day needs.  Today is the time for us to help each other, rather than play politics with people’s lives and livelihood.

I’ve given you a lot of advice that you may or may not agree with.  I am physically safe and have most of the things I still need, except direct human interaction. But now is the time for all of us to recognize the terrible tragedy and danger we are now living with, and to decide how to clean it up as best we can. What you choose may not be the same as what I have chosen, but all of us can think of some small things we could do, give, or say in order to make life better for everyone still here and the young ones who will soon be in our shoes, learning to walk straight and honestly.


Here’s hoping for happier times again.

4 responses to “Don’t rush things. Stay safe. Help others.

  1. Nancy Belkov says:

    I couldn’t agree more Joanne! As we try to take care of ourselves during this pandemic, we can gain a lot emotionally by trying to help others. It’s hard to help others with physical social distancing in place, but I am happy to hear suggestions from others and encouraging words. I appreciated the ideas from Nicholas Kristof in the nytimes recently. Here is a link:
    That led me to a charity I hadn’t heard of but that seems quite worthwhile, the Givedirectly campaign:
    And for encouraging words that acknowledge the truth, I found this example of good leadership helpful,

    Stay safe and keep hope alive!


  2. drmom2003 says:

    Oh Joanne this is wonderful advice!!! May I quote you? I especially liked the image of cleaning up politics with a broom to their backsides, although there was much sage advice to savor here!

    Lynne Remson


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