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I Need Help

on May 9, 2020

Dear friends,

One of the worst problems for people isolated over a long period of time is forgetting how to spell words.  Unfortunately that is now my strongest and most embarrassing  problem. Once I taught reading and writing successfuly to children in schools, but know I need help even to writing my own name.

Up until now, when I needed to spell correctly my computure helped me, but its help was neither quick nor easy to follow.  I managed by trying to correct my wrong spellings, but that has become so difficult that now I just replace errors with different words.

After revealing my current problem I humbly ask for your help. When I need to write again and wan’t to post my work, would anyone have the time to read my writing and correct it?  If so, please let me know your name and when, where or how you could help me.

Thanks for your your many strong responses in the past.  Any help you can provide now would be much appreciated.



6 responses to “I Need Help

  1. Steve Buel says:

    Jaonne, you could email it to me at and i will be glad to proogread.


  2. Frankey Jones says:

    I would be happy to edit for spelling!


  3. pauleck47 says:

    Hi Joanne, I will be glad to help. Let me know at or call me at 503-262-4970. Please note that I’m slowing down a little so you will have to be a little patient.


  4. writerjoney says:

    Thank you. I’ll catch you if I can.


  5. Don Bellairs says:

    Joanne–send me your writing in an email. I wiil send you an email and you just “reply” with your beautiful stories. You are past president of the American Council of Teachers of English. It will be an honor to be your spell-checker.


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